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Update by user Dec 07, 2018

I just want everyone to know that every since I posted my complaint about Walmart Marketside Salad having half cooked half raw chicken inside it I have been repeatedly insulted and now I'm getting death threats from Walmart employees posing as regular people. I will be filing a police report to get everything on paper so when one of Walmart's employees decide to whistleblow I'll have a paper trail.

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2018

My Walmart Marketside Salad could have killed me! On October 10, 2018 I purchased a Walmart Marketside Southwest Chicken Salad.

Instead of just eating the salad I decided to warm up my chicken. As I was walking the plate of chicken to the microwave I noticed a large pink spot in the middle of one of the chicken strips, after putting on my glasses I saw that the chicken was half cooked, raw and pink. I have been in a mental break down ever since. Because I have severe health problems if I hadn't caught it my chances of dying a slow, painful, horrible death from salmonella Poisoning would have been great.

Since then I have been to afraid to eat and when I do eat my stomach always feel nauseous and hurts, I have only slept a few hours a night since this has happened to me and I have bald spots developing in my hair. I was informed that I may be suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I'm asking for help to pay for a Mental Health Therapist who specializes in PTSD. Walmart & Taylor Farms has treated me like this is no big deal. I was told that there is no guarantee I would receive monetary help to pay for a therapist even though their negligent could have caused my death and caused my mental break down.

This is so embarrassing and I feel so ashame for this even happening to me.

This could have been you or your loved one. If I had known eating a Walmart marketside salad was like playing Russian roulette I would never have eaten them in the first place, or they should warn that sometimes their chicken is not cooked thoroughly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marketside Southwest Chicken Salad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dude , if my Walmart is not giving the southwest salad because of your dumb complaint Ima be mad as ***


Lmfao. Omg.

Literally laughed out loud reading this. What in the actual *** is wrong with this nut job?? Haha, I should probably "go cash my Walmart check" now too.

Omg Karen, thanks for the laughs. That *** is rich!


What part of you’re not on Walmart’s site escapes you? You are on!

Any other consumer can and does read and post! Why are you so insistent that anyone who is telling you that you are wrong must work for whom you have chosen to whine about. You did not get sick by your own admission. So your comment that you were almost killed is a complete lie.

You would have had to actually get sick first. You’re acting hysterical and being obstinate because you feel you’re right even when you’re 100% wrong! Hopefully you have sought out help for your obvious mental problems. My veteran grandfather had PTSD, from being shot at during his time in the army.

I highly doubt you have real PTSD, especially from a salad you willingly ate. Go try your money grab from someone else sweety, your post is a total failure. But I have a sneaking suspicion you’re used to failure. Which is why you try so hard to discount any opinion that doesn’t agree with your messed up view of the situation.

You tried, you failed, move on. Also where is there any supposed death threats? Unless it’s been removed I’m unsure as to what you would consider a threat.

Being told your over reacting hardly qualifies as a death threat unless your ego is so fagile that you just can’t handle criticism. In which case one can understand how you feel as it’s a threat because your ego is so delicate.


I'm happy to see that you made it to work this morning at your Walmart job! And, I don't have to prove to you that you Walmart employees sent me death threats, the people who needed to see them have copies.


I highly doubt any WalMart Employee would care to comment on this post. We all know there are no "death threats" and "the people who needed to see them" do not exist.

Nothing you say or do will even change your lie. I almost wish someone whom DID work for Walmart would comment on how they really do not give a ***


Who authorizes you Walmart employees to keep bringing up violence? What do a grenade have to do with raw chicken in a Walmart salad?


Almost is ONLY used in horseshoes and hand grenades. You didn’t get sick.

The employees DO NOT MAKE THE SALADS!! They are made off site at a Walmart site. The employees at the store level pretty much just thaw and stock. Bread, salads, cakes, sandwiches are all shipped to them frozen.

Despite all that, you were NEVER in any danger. You are blowing this out of proportion in order to profit from it. Your supposed PTSD and accompanying other mental issues are just that. YOUR mental issues.

As someone has already pointed out, you can eat anything and get sick from it. Step away from the almost killed you and be honest. YOU are the cause of YOUR own PTSD and not Wally World. You have are and continue to work yourself up over something that DID NOT HAPPEN!!

Obviously you are not dead and are well enough to lash out at anyone who would suggest you are wrong. Well let me add my voice to it. You are wrong! Wrong for posting clear defamation.

Wrong for clearly fabricating. Wrong for your supposed PTSD. It’s ok to be wrong, it’s NOT ok to spread lies. That is what you are doing, spreading lies.

The ONLY sickness you experienced was IN YOUR HEAD!!

Do the web a favor and try and be more honest. I understand that it is difficult being a female but honesty isn’t supposed to be gender only.


Does this "Crack Pot" represent the average Walmart customer? Trashy customers and trashy employees.

Walmart as for the staff being to lazy (or stupid) to prepare chicken properly, the customer for the fact that they are certifiably insane. Reading the replies from "walmartalmostkilledme" shows that they are ignorant, pathetic and unstable.


And how much did you get pay for your defense of Walmart? Oh I know you too are a Walmart empolyee because real customers really care about feeding their families Raw Chicken in Walmart's Marketside Salads, only you Walmart Employees defend the practice because you're being paid to down play the danger families really are in. So now, carry on providing for your family by defending Walmart's Raw Chicken in their Marketside Salads, and sweet dreams to you.


I do not work for WalMart. Did you even take the time to read my comment?

Both Walmart AND you are in the wrong. You mentioned that over 400 people a year die from food born illness, so what! The current US population as of 2018 is 325,342,299.

You are more likely to fall out of bed and die than die from food born illness. Seek mental help or if you have take the God D**m medicine!


Hello my friend! You are right on time!

Although, my last reply to your comment was late Friday afternoon I didn't realize how late it was and that you must have already clocked out for the day discrediting Walmart's customers valid complaints. But it's all good because I knew I'll receive an insult from you first thing Monday morning when you log into your Walmart computer, and look I was right. Hey, maybe I shouldn't mentioned that I've noticed that all you guys or girls death threats and insults to me only come Mondays through Fridays between 9:00 am to 5:00pm. OH!

And once on a Saturday between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Or maybe I should believe that you all spend all your work time not doing the jobs you were hired for but defending Walmart a company you don't work? Yeah, like I should believe that comment who said they had "just came across my post." (SMH) Right, less than 2 minutes after I took my finger off the Post Button he just happened to be on this sight and of course he just happened to be a Walmart fan.

Yes, just like when I said I noticed that none of you said I was lying about the half cooked chicken in my Walmart Marketside Salads and then the very next comment said I could be lying. So now I guess you'll be allowed to get a little over time so you can insult me at a different time to try to cover the facts that you all are Walmart empolyees hired to insult and harass Walmart's own customers.


Snap out of the delusional paranoia for just one moment! You need to read the comments and think it thru!

No I do not work for WalMart, I would never work at WalMart.

No, WalMart employees are not giving you "death threats" that is a lie and everyone on this board knows it. We (OK mybe just I) are bashing you not because we work for WalMart, its because you are acting like a *** batshit crazy, old fashion lunatic!


Just like the gentleman residing in the White House in Washington D.C. --- "Grab 'em by their Chicken Salad!"


Oh, I forgot to login, so just to make sure you know this is username: walmartalmostkilledme who made those last 2 comments.


P.S. Mr. TYG, have I shown any indication that I'm concerned about Walmart suing me?


I’m not seeing any Supposed death threats. I AM seeing a snowflake blow a situation out of proportion.

Ok food poisoning is serious but not as serious as YOU make it out to be. The title of your post should be “I might have gotten sick but did t” not Walmart tried to kill you. Walmart wouldn’t bother to spend any money paying ppl to respond. They just don’t care.

You however seem to think anyone who has a opinion that differs from yours MUST work for whomever you are whining about. Which just isn’t the case. Maybe tone down your propaganda and slander a bit. Walmart does pay to take care of one issue and that’s their lawyers.

You are purposely making a mountain out of a mole hill. Your supposed PTSD was not given to you for eating a little under cooked chicken. You DO have a clearly proven mental disorder, but Wally World isn’t responsible for that. Clearly you need to seek help before Walmart sues you.

Mental health is not something you can diagnose yourself. Go seek help for your issues please.

No, I dont work for walmart. I work for a church and I get to see all kinds of mental health issues working at the food bank.


Thank you TYG for that great book on how awesome Walmart is and how crazy I am for getting upset for almost being poisoned to death by Walmart Marketside Salad with half cooked half raw chicken inside, and let's not forget the supposed death threats from you Walmart employees. Ok, I suffer from mental illness and you Walmart employees knows that, so why were you insulting and sending death threats to a person you know already suffering from mental illness?

Yes, just how were you helping me to get better? Or, is it since I suffer from mental illness I'm not important and should be treated like I'm less of a Human Being?


Thank you for the tip Mr. Zachary 2001 because I really need to see a mental health specialist after all these death threats from you Walmart employees.

And Mr. James you're right that there's something wrong with me, I'm disabled and live in severe pain all day every day. So all I needed to make my life better was to almost be poisoned by Salmonella from a Walmart Marketside Salad that I bought to help my body heal and now be insulted and receive death threats from Walmart's employees.

You're right, there's a lot wrong with me now. Thank you for see that.