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Update by user 2 days ago

I just want everyone to know that every since I posted my complaint about Walmart Marketside Salad having half cooked half raw chicken inside it I have been repeatedly insulted and now I'm getting death threats from Walmart employees posing as regular people. I will be filing a police report to get everything on paper so when one of Walmart's employees decide to whistleblow I'll have a paper trail.

Original review posted by user Dec 05

My Walmart Marketside Salad could have killed me! On October 10, 2018 I purchased a Walmart Marketside Southwest Chicken Salad.

Instead of just eating the salad I decided to warm up my chicken. As I was walking the plate of chicken to the microwave I noticed a large pink spot in the middle of one of the chicken strips, after putting on my glasses I saw that the chicken was half cooked, raw and pink. I have been in a mental break down ever since. Because I have severe health problems if I hadn't caught it my chances of dying a slow, painful, horrible death from salmonella Poisoning would have been great.

Since then I have been to afraid to eat and when I do eat my stomach always feel nauseous and hurts, I have only slept a few hours a night since this has happened to me and I have bald spots developing in my hair. I was informed that I may be suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I'm asking for help to pay for a Mental Health Therapist who specializes in PTSD. Walmart & Taylor Farms has treated me like this is no big deal. I was told that there is no guarantee I would receive monetary help to pay for a therapist even though their negligent could have caused my death and caused my mental break down.

This is so embarrassing and I feel so ashame for this even happening to me.

This could have been you or your loved one. If I had known eating a Walmart marketside salad was like playing Russian roulette I would never have eaten them in the first place, or they should warn that sometimes their chicken is not cooked thoroughly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marketside Southwest Chicken Salad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for the tip Mr. Zachary 2001 because I really need to see a mental health specialist after all these death threats from you Walmart employees.

And Mr. James you're right that there's something wrong with me, I'm disabled and live in severe pain all day every day. So all I needed to make my life better was to almost be poisoned by Salmonella from a Walmart Marketside Salad that I bought to help my body heal and now be insulted and receive death threats from Walmart's employees.

You're right, there's a lot wrong with me now. Thank you for see that.

to walmartalmostkilledme #1609943

Oh I do not doubt that you are disabled.. Mentally disabled.

Any psychiatrist who reads your posts would agree that you have a severe mental illness. You will never get a dollar from walmart.

Get a job like everyone else. Stop trying to rely on handouts.


Gofundme will help you pay for your mental illness.


Walmart employees are regular people. If you are getting death threats it is probably from trolls rather than employees.


I just came across this review. It's obvious that you are trying to run some scam on Walmart.

Why don't you just get a job? Why do you Liberals insist on handouts? Get a job! You get an undercooked salad and you're trying to get a payout.

Listen, you will not get one cent from walmart over this. You're a loser and a scammer. I agree with the other posters that you should just be executed. The fewer people we have like you in this world the better.

You're a lazy scammer and clearly mentally I'll. Every post, you reply accusing them of being paid by walmart.

You are mentally defective. There is nobody in your personal life or on the internet that cares about you.

to James #1609727

I think that it is immature for someone to think that just because you disagree with a complaint that you work for a company, I agree with you there. But if they did serve her raw chicken they should be held accountable. As for her having mental issues, this was obviously before she bought the chicken.


You're so right Mr. Florida Man!

Don't no body cares about me, that's why I don't understand why I'm getting all this attention just because I wrote a true review about how I almost died eating a Walmart Marketside Salad with half cooked half raw chicken. However, I also noticed that despite all the outrageous insults and death threats you Walmart employees have said to me not one of you Walmart employees excused me of lying on Walmart, so this leads me to believe that the half cooked half raw chicken in Walmart's Marketside Salads are pretty common.

Furthermore, Mr. Walmart Employee, I don't have to hang myself, eating a Walmart Marketside Salad with half cooked half raw chicken inside it will kill me just the same.


I just want everyone to know that every since I posted my complaint about Walmart Marketside Salad having half cooked half raw chicken inside it I have been repeatedly insulted and now I'm getting death threats from Walmart employees posing as regular people. I will be filing a police report to get everything on paper so when one of Walmart's employees decide to whistleblow I'll have a paper trail.

to walmartalmostkilledme #1609418

You are the definition of what is wrong with this country. No one knows anything except you. You are the only person that isnt crazy lol....good luck...

to Darwinism #1609428

When did Walmart because a Rock Star? Their negligence almost costed me my life but yet I'm the one being insulted and threatened with death.

Oh I forgot, it's just Walmart employees being paid to harass their own costomers who complain about them.

Carry on, I don't want to get in the way of you making all that extra money by up holding Walmart's honor and threatening me with insults and death. Have a nice weekend.

to walmartalmostkilledme #1609486

Why do you think Walmart cares so much about you that they would pay people to talk to you on the internet. Not a single person on this earth cares about you.

Not one.

You are worthless. The world, as a whole, would be more valuable if you hung yourself.


People like you literally deserve to be executed. I wish you had died from the chicken. You are running a scam and trying to get a handout from walmart.

to 2020 #1609206

Wow! That's a bit much for someone who claims not to be getting paid to insult me.

Were you promised a big bonus if you could scare me away? I'm so sorry that you need extra money so bad that you are willing to wish death on someone especially someone who is already disable and already suffering from PTSD after coming close to eating a Walmart Marketside Salad that was full of Salmonella Poisoning from half cooked half raw chicken.

I'm not mad at you, there's no telling what has happened in your life that makes you feel it's alright to wish death on someone and especially someone already in pain just to get a few extra dollars in your pocket. Like I said this is good old WALMART at it best, this is how WALMART treats it's own customer.

to Anonymous #1609729

That person does not have any connection to Walmart. They are just a troll trying to get you to feed them.

Seems to be working. They are not threatening to kill you.

Though I am sure that wishing someone harm can get them in trouble. Frankly the only one that would get into trouble is Floridaman telling you to hang yourself.


I dont understand the reason for the complaint. The chicken was a little undercooked?

You really do have some mental health issues. I'd say head to the nearest mental health clinic as soon as possible.

to John #1608905

I say to you John "Go pick up your check, you're doing a wonderful job spending your time defending a business you don't even own or work at, yes you're working very hard for something that is no concern to you." And like I said before, this is how Walmart feel about their faithful customers, they hire people to call them crazy when they have a complaint. I'm sure you cash your check with a clean conscious, I'm sure you can look in the mirror and feel good about bullying people when they voice their complaints about Walmart treating them like trash.

I sure you feel so good about yourself that you need to say things to make me feel bad about myself. Yes, we call this the WALMART WAY.

to walmartalmostkilledme #1609215

I think John has a good suggestion for you.

to Anonymous #1609437

I'm sure you do think John has a good suggestion seeing that he's sitting right next to you. But what's real funny is how you Walmart employees are being made to work so hard to defend Walmart but insult me at the same time. If eating a Walmart Marketside Salad with half cooked half raw chicken is no big deal why don't you stop insulting me and threatening my life?


Did you ever stop to think that you are playing Russian roulette anytime you eat anything? If you follow the news there always seems to be one recall after another from spinach and lettuce to prepared foods.

Face it, the world isn't germ free. In most cases, if you do get sick it will result in an upset stomach and more time spent in the bathroom for a day or two than you would like. In rare cases it might kill you, but if it scares you that much you should be preparing everything you eat yourself. Never eating ANYTHING that hadn't been heated to the 160 degrees it takes to kill the bacteria.

That would include fruits and vegetable as well.

Yes, you may have gotten some undercooked chicken but the next salad may have perfectly cooked chicken but have bacteria hiding in the lettuce. You never really know what's lurking in the food you eat.

to Anonymous #1608453

How much money do you get paid belittling and insulting Walmart customers valid complaints? If Walmart & Taylor Farms really cared about their customers you wouldn't have a job, because instead of paying people like you to belittle and insult the very customers that keeps their stocks up they would take that money and really care for their loyal customers.

One day Walmart will find that they don't have enough customers to keep their business afloat, so people like you will have to go and find a real honest job.

People will get tired of Walmart treating them like *** and they will go elsewhere. WATCH!

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