Coon Rapids, Minnesota
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I bought this chicken not knowing that it was raw ate it and got very sick the next day , went to the doctor and bacteria exams came in positive from my blood exams also this chicken wast sold one day after the sell by label said , hopefully somebody can help me

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I'm gonna give you the best advice ever. Stop eating food from the deli.

I used to work in their deli.

The managers want food out on the shelf by a certain time whether it is done or not. They don't care.


I just have to say, "How could you NOT know raw chicken from cooked chicken?


Well first of all, it took a day for you to realize it was undercooked? Second of all, "Sell by date" is more about the best quality.

You can still eat it up to a few days after the date. A chicken doesn't turn raw one day after the sell-by date.

If it was that big of an issue then why did you buy it knowing it was past the date?

I'm sorry but this review just doesn't add up.


How could you not know it was raw after taking a few bites from it. I mean I myself don't cook, but even I know if chicken is pink it is not cooked so I should either take it back to the store, roast it in the oven or throw it out.