Abita Springs, Louisiana

ON 07-25-10, my son Justin P. Davis was fired.

The reason, they gave was he asked to speak to another manager, about this one manager, who made him believe, she (Katie C. Not sure of her last name) thought he would steal something. when he asked to speak to another manager, she told him he was fired.then he went to the office (LANCE) told him he would do him a favor and put he quit instead of being fired and wanted Justin to sign a paper, Justin did not sign it.IT is almost 5 years he has worked at this store, never had problems, with any one, worked extra when they asked, worked in days off when they asked, pushed buggies for almost 2 years and everytime he would ask for inside job, they always had a reason why he could not, and he just went along with them.

these managers, Ed Gautreaux, Lance, Eric, always rode his ***, never had anything good to tell him, always told him they were waiting for the day to get rid of him, for any reason.He was not home for more than an hour, when Lance called him and told him he could come and pick up his pay check.I have another site where I am sending this complaint to. i want everyone to know how the managers at this store treat some of their good employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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If your son truly had a problem he could have called the phone numbers they give you in orientation to report if a manager or another associate was treating them unfairly. Things get handled faster if you call those numbers and i'm positive that you can still call them and report it.

I worked at the same Walmart not too long ago. I was being treated unfairly as well, and I just quit, because I can find a WAY better job with better employers than having to deal with people who have worse attitudes than a 5 yr old.


Now get this straight, not only did they unfairly fire my son, but not a CSM (Connie UZee) is telling my son he cannot talk to the cashiers because it is interfeering with business. He went to the break room to talk to his coworkers they asked him to leave since he is not employed there anymore. This after unfairly firing him.


Your son is not a model emoloyee he claims to be. While he is on break he is probably sniffing glue and too drugged up to end his break so he takes longer.

So either stop treating him like he is two years old still and needs your protection and let him deal with the real world and learn from his mistakes instead of making excuses for him. Do you still breastfeed him and change his diapers. I bet the other employees and manager are tired of you coming in every two hours to breastfeed him and change his diapers. I bet when customers are asking for help they get annoyed at you for challenging them to a fight in the parking lot because they were rude towards your son.

Maybe they are angry because instead of helping them he needs a diaper change or a feeding. Quit babying him. Quit believing everything he tells you. Admit he is not a hard worker.

He makes excuses and you accepted them. When he was in school he probably bullied the other children and you blamed them and made excuses.

But with the way he clings to you you probaly home schooled him. It is time to cut the umblicical cord.(sp)


I am sorry your son got fired but yes what he did was steal time. I have worked at Walmart for 5 years.

Before that I put in 10 years in a factory. No one at Walmart works hard. When I first saw your post I was excited because there are so many ways Walmart treats their employees badly. There is nepotism, favoritism and computer scheduling to start with.

In the end after reading your post I am disappointed to hear.it was just another case of someone being lazy and an angry parent defending a child that should just plain know better. PS they do warn you about long breaks and time theft.

Its not a crock. Wouldn't want to pay someone for sitting on their butt.


But the trees in Australia are orange, and the trunks are blue. My son who got unfairly fired from Kmart because his boss is jealous of himtold me this and I believe him.

The sky there is also purple and the grass there is pink. And horses ride people, and people don't ride cars they use their feet to guide them like in the Flintstones.

My son told me this and I believe him. Everyone else is lying.


WAA WAA WAA ! Why dont you and your little baby go tell Dr.

Phil. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


You would believe anything he told you. Why if he told you that trees in Australia were orange and had blue trunks you would believe him.

Your son tells you he works harder than everyone else and you take his word for it. Most likely he slacks off better than everyone and is laziest. Your son in a way stole from them. he did not shoplift but he is stealing money from them, not physically but by not working when he is supposed to.

He is getting paid for sitting in the break room doing nothing. He obviously does not work so what is he crying for. Probably hoping someone will pay him to sit around all day doing nothing.

He is a momma's boy. You have to teach him to grow up and stop fighting all hs battles and taking his side all the time.


Actually my son just confided me that he did steal from the store and was often lying to them. He would sit in the break room while he was suppose to be working and lied about it so he got paid for working.

They considered that stealing what a bunch of bull. Not only that they also have him believe he was "stealing" by doing this. Stealing what? He as never shoplifted in his life.

I taught him better. He just needed a little extra break because he works so hard. When he told them he only took an extra long break because he works so hard they still fired him. They said other's work just as hard and they don't "steal time" as it was called.

How do you steal time. You steal a watch. Besides my son tells me he is the hardest worker in the store and the other's don't work as hard as him and they treat him badly.

So that excuse of the other's working just as hard as him and not "stealing time" is pathetic. My son came home crying when they fired him.