I went to purchase a toy helicopter for my nephew today, and after waiting in lines and searching for this specific toy for an hour I was bluntly told by the cashier "I cant sell this to you" I asked why? She simply said the cash register says no.

Um...Ok, I said, you have a shelf full of them in the toy section and there is no sign up saying otherwise? I had to ask her to call a mgr. He was just as rude and uncaring. After saying he didnt know why several times, he said "oh yeah, I remember, there is a recall on this product" I asked why they had not put a sign up, or removed the toy from the shelve...he had no excuse.

I ended up leaving and going to target. I bought a toy I am not even sure my nephew will like (he was dyeing for this helicopter). So out of curiosity when I got home, I went to the walmart site..guess what?!? I am able to purchase it with no problem?

Guess what else? There is no recall on this product. Your mgr and cashier were rude, lied to us, and treated us poorly. I will no longer shop with you.

Because of you, my nephew will not recieve what he wanted for christmas, because I believed you about the recall, and purchases something else. And dont tell me to take it back and purchase the helicopter online.

Its 3 days until christmas. Shame on you walmart.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Long waits, Management.

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First B

If that other person is really her husband why do they live in two different states.


grow up mlisasa u just acting like a baby....i think u needed helicopter for ur self n blaming ur nephew.....awww poor u.....


Here we go again, another person mistakes being told no as rude customer service. This is just typical.

If Walmart had knowingly sold you a defective toy and your nephew got hurt, you'd be on here bit**ing about that, too. A a store denies a sale on a product, then the cash register will give a the cashier a prompt.

Clearly you've never worked retail before, otherwise you would understand how it works. Grow up and don't assume that I work for Walmart because I don't.

@Grow up

well said .....every one who complains should work n retail then will understand. ......


Your complaint is idiotic. If the register prompts that a sale is not allowed then they cannot sell it.

The sale will not go through and management can't override it. Sometimes a recall is placed on products for safety reasons and once the email and/or paperwork about the recall is received, the product will be pulled from the shelves. It was probably still on the shelves because the store associates have not been notified as of yet. Another reason is that if an item comes in for sale starting on a specific date, (such as black Friday) sometimes the sale will not go through the register until said sale date.

Regardless of the reason, the cashier and manager did their job correctly. If the helicopter was a recall over safety issues and they sold it to you then your nephew got hurt, you would then be posting complaints about how Walmart knowingly sold you a defective toy that caused your nephew to get hurt. People like you are the reason other people hate working with the public.

You want everything handed to you even if it goes against policy or the law. Get over yourself.


You must be six years old to mistake being told no as rudeness. You are no different than the other fools who posts on this site mistaking being told no as rude.

You also obviously do not love your nephew that much. Usually toys are recalled due to danger hazards. You obviously don't love him if you are willing to buy him a toy that is recalled. Also judging from your spelling and grammar are you even on the website with the same item.

It could be a different remote helicopter?


Your nephew isn't going to die because he doesn't get what he wants for Christmas. It is probably you that will die for the same reason.


Awe I'm so sorry your life is that empty, that you must troll complaints on a website...seriously no sarcasm are more than welcome to join us for Christmas. And I'm so sorry for your pain.

I cannot see any human taking their time to comment on such a complaint, unless their life is seriously empty, lonely, and sad. Again, I'm super sad for you....


Thanks for the invitation I think I will come over for xmas. I'm lonely and need sum hot loving from a hot milf. post ur number.


Face it your nephew is spoiled if he throws a temper tantrum because he did not get what he wanted for Christmas, if you are able to purchase it online why not do so?


I would rather make my nephew cry then buy anything from them because they lied to me. I was forced to buy him a gift he does not like and come Christmas day he will probably cry.

He really wanted that special gift and I would rather disappoint him than to buy from Walmart because of the horrible way I was treated. Do you want to come to my house for Christmas as well and see how Christmas was ruined for my nephew?


Hi I'm Melissa's husband and don't mind her comment about Wal-Mart. She is a fat spoiled woman that sits around all day watching Judge Judy.

She has to have her way and as you can see from all the dislikes that nobody likes her. I would divorce her but she has threaten to take my money. Her nephew is my in-laws kid and he is not as bad as she is making him sound.

She is just one of those *** that complains about everything. Anyways guys wish me luck on this failed mmarriage.