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I ordered 3 Archery sets for my grandchildren from, had them shipped to store for pick up for Christmas. I bought them based on price, time, and the DESCRIPTION of the contents.

Well to my surprise, the item was NOT as described. They do not include safety glasses for the youth learning bows. I told the customer service rep they were missing contents, she told me she could not do anything because I purchased from and I asked for a manager. I explained the issue and she said the same thing and I have to call the 800#.

So I went home and called them at 7:35pm. After 10mins of hold time I finally got a rep on the line. I told her the issue. She said I had to deal with it at the store!

I told her they don't sell these in the store and that was my reason in buying online. She said since I had it delivered to the store they had to handle it. I told her to get me a supervisor. I was on the phone for over 31mins.

and then told by the rep that the supervisor will call me back. I told her this was not the first time recently that I had a problem with a shipment and the last issue was never taken care of, no call backs and no emails answered. She said I can assure you the supervisor will call you back. I asked for a name and what time.

She said well there's only one supervisor and and her shift ends at midnight and I will receive a call before then. Well I waited and was up till after 3am and NO CALL back and NO return emails! They falsified an advertisement and now I do not have the time or the money to order elsewhere for my grand-kids Christmas! The one thing they asked for, and now they will not receive it!

Can't explain to 6-7-and 8 yr olds that Santa (aka walmart purchase) failed!!

Thanks allot Walmart! I am no longer a customer!

Monetary Loss: $54.

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For left-hand or right-hand use

2 safety glass arrows


Arrow quiver

Finger tab

Arrow rest

Sight pin

Bow Length: 33"

Draw Length: 16" - 24"

Draw Weight: 8 - 13 lb.

Durable composite limbs

Brace Height: 7"

The arrows are made of fiberglass hence the "Glass" they are designed so that they break evenly and not jagged so to reduce the chances of being injured by a broken arrow hence the "safety"


Bear Archery Set sold at Quote from description "The set comes with 2 safety glasses, arrows, armguard and arrow quiver. The Bear archery set has a brace height of 7 inches. It features durable, composite limbs and riser for steady practice and strength. The black plastic grip used in makes it comfortable to handle and use. The set is ideal for archery shooting beginners aged between 4 to 7 years." SO LOOK AGAIN MauiA150! It strictly states there are 2 safety glasses, granted they messed up in listing the item, but I want what I paid for based on the description! Here it is again in the list of contents: (copied and pasted from their website!): Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set

16-24" draw length

8-12 lb. draw weight

Durable composite limbs and riser

7" brace height

For right or left hand

2 safety glass



Arrow quiver

Finger tab target

Model AYS6200


I looked at the description of the Bear Archery Scout Youth Archery Set at and it says nothing about safety glasses. What it does say is that the set includes "2 safety glass arrows." I believe that what you saw in the 1st shot set description was a misprint, not an intentional misrepresentation.

None of the pictures shows safety glasses either.

I work at a retailer with an online arm, and the bane of our workday is when someone orders something online that we don't stock and wants us to fix the problem. We don't stock it, and in many cases we cannot get it.

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