Wallingford, Connecticut

walmart caused over drafts due to them screwing up the parcel payment and there mistake by not using my cash in hand but charging the whole to my bank acct! then not giving me my money back on the spot, then not even giving me a reciept that they were putting it back in..i had no proof!

there ignorant manager seth yelled and said he wasnt going to give me a recipt ,said they dont have copy machines or printers at walmart! and was sooooo rude, i wanted my reciept, he called me tangent and said dont take that cart full of food and stuff without paying us more money! they just stole my money and reversed it to 5-10 days away. a week later i was bribed a 50.00 gift card .days later, while on the phone with that store,, by a different manager.thank you but,i said no bribes!

i want this handled . they said they would, but that same manager is still rude to us days later.. and walmart you need to pay the fiddler. an audit, and treasure should agree you must give me a reciept and if you mistakenly take out of someones acct...give them cash asap so they dont get over drafted!!...

and smile,, dont crack your teeth doing it. the rude manager was rude again . steal from my bank and send me home without food you ***! and without giving me a copy for my own records!

seth said not going to do anything for me,,his word its been refunded. and not to take that cart out of store without paying for it,,,again with no money. what a manager. a punk is more like it.

here your sign! next time be kind and give me a *** receipt!

smile at your customers! ignored your training to an extreme !

Monetary Loss: $160.

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You probably did not have any money in the bank to began with.So the overdraft is your fault.Next time check your bank balance before you purchase anything and You will not have an overdraft on your account.And also it does not take 5-10 days to get money returned to your account,It only takes about 1-2 days i should know been there done that.


you really need to learn to spell better. you have so many mistakes it hurt my head trying to read through them.

the overdraft isn't their fault it's YOURS. most any retail shop I've ever been to using a debit or credit card doesn't allow it to go through unless there's enough funds on the card.

as for the refund part 5-10 is stand refund policy it's not the STORE holding the money up it's just how the business world works. so when complaining they STOLE your money you might want to do a little research, if it doesn't hurt your pride that is, and learn it was working as it was supposed to.

demanding it to be "handled" on a complaints site is not going to get you anything either. the likelihood of anyone with anything to do with walmart and giving a *** coming on here and reading your complaint is about the same as you learning to spell properly and learn how businesses work with regards to transactions.

ok we get it you say they took all the $$$ out of your account but if it wasn't there to begin with it wouldn't have gone through.

so there's no way they could have caused an overdraft. you'll want to check your pending purchases before that, that your bank hadn't posted that would have more likely caused the overdraft.

as for the receipt i'm sure there was some other reason that you didn't get the receipt as you claimed. at least where I work there's someone in bookkeeping that has access to what we call POS (point of sale) journals. which is an electronic record of transactions so long as you know the time/date/register # of the transaction they can usually go into the system and look up the receipt and get a copy printed.

so in closing, learn to spellcheck your complaints before being made to look foolish.

and learn how business transactions like this work before complaining to the company.




Your complaint doesn't make any sense at all. All you are doing is rambling on and not explaining any thing.

While you are so busy calling people names like ignorant, etc. you should proof read your complaint and correct all of your mistakes. Your poor capitalization, punctuation, etc. really sucks.

What kind of "parcel" did you want to make payment on? Or did you by any chance mean "partial?"


You should read the previous revision.



I have to agree with you, if they are going to call people ignorant learn how to spell.