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I had direct deposit with Wal-Mart money Card. I lost my card so i called them to get a replacement.

i spoke with the automated system because they were closed. My address was never confirmed and even though i called repeatedly before to change my address, they never changed it and my card was sent to the wrong address. I called a week after thinking i was giving it time to get to me. I confirmed the address, had it changed again i then asked for a supervisor because the woman was so rude but she claimed they dont have supervisors and hung up on me.

I was upset because my rent was due and i was on the *** of eviction. I was charged for a second time for another card to get to me. I confirmed my address after calling for a 3rd time and the only thing i was told is im sorry. No one helped me, i asked them to expedite the card for free they told me no, i had to pay, there was nothing they could do, i finally got a superviz, said the same thing.

I advised at that time i would call back later to decide if i wanted to get it or not. I called the next day and had to explain the situation for the 4th time and that i wanted my card expressed. I told the customer service rep i would pay the express fee, he promised that the card was expressed but he lied and still sent it regular mail which resulted in me losing my car, my apartment and my job. i had to move back to my home state with a friend.

It was the worse experience i have ever had in my life. NEVER USE WAL-MART MONEY CARD SERVICES, YOU WILL LOSE MUCH MORE THAN JUST YOUR MONEY.

I even called the corporate office and filed a complaint and was promised a call back but i never received one. No one helped me.

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Do y'all do express mail and long do it take to get a replacement card


Do not get Walmart Green dot card , some stole money off my card 4 times, before I ever use it, Walmart says look up address to print and mail in to dispute charges Wow also, said report card stolen, now money is in account but walmart cant give me my money for 8 -10 days, are I can have one in 3 days for $15. and they charge u to use their ATM machine and $ 3 to have them remove money crooks fake bootleg company. I filed a dispute with Better Business Bureau


I mean first you could update all your information (address, phone number etc..) online without having to call the customer service number.Second, you can also request a new card online as well, so there should be no complaints of speaking to an automated system or rude representative.

to Penny 21 #1574892

Ur wrong I dare you to call and ask for a new card right now. I went thru ***


Ya *** walmart moneycard ,you lose your card they will tell you theres no possible way to acess your money. And they arent shy about hanging up on people when asked to do actual work.

What a joke. Trash people in the call center afraid to become productive members of society and do fuckkn work thanks alot for nothing useless trash!!!


Sounds like you are lieing. you can use bill pay on your card to pay your rent, car payment etc....

to jjj #1476836

It looks like you can't spell LYING. And I have no reason to lie to people I dont care or about or dont know. Please get an education before you type anything else and embarrass yourself.


I have been using a Walmart money card for years and had no problems. The trick to money is do not keep it all in the same place.

to Jaime Jordan #1430353
I would agree with this. I am glad you have not had a problem. :)
to Jaime Jordan #1476829

I agree. I've also used the money card for years, and there is no problem...unless you leave money on the card too long! My card has been compromised when I've done that.


I'm done with Walmart money card I'm waiting for a replace card and I can never get a live I' person on the phone. I only wanted to know when the replacement was coming and have it been mailed out yet

and they can't even tell me that..

All my bills are do right now. I'm stopping my direct deposit asap .. The *** with a dam money card the worst experience I ever had. I don't advise nobody to get this card..

I'm getting a real bank account.. Lesson learned.

to Erica jackson #1414284

I had the same problem so trust me i understand. I haven't had them since. I have a bank account now.


Sounds to me more like you are blaming Wal-Mart for your poor money management I so believe in all that time you could of had your employer or who ever was direct depositing to stop and write a paper check and you wouldn't have lost everything. I've used Wal-Mart money card since they came out and have never let myself get in that position every time I've had a problem it was resolved in lest then business days.

Sounds to me you went weeks and never made any other Monet so you would have lost all anyway. Not Wal-Mart's fault

to Anonymous #1039846

Every one is entitled to their own opnion even if it is wrong. I did talk to my employer and they were not willing to work with me.

Maybe I should have said that in the comments but for you to be so cold because YOU have never had a bad experience doesn't mean someone else hasn't and the fact that I begged them to send it and they purposely didn't do it makes it worse. I ALWAYS PAY my bills so who are you to say i have money problems? Are you an accountant? I dont think so.

So if you have a problem with what I wrote and what I said I really dont care. I know my experience and I wanted to share it with others so they dont go through the same thing. That is what this is all aabout.I svdn called corporate and they never even tried to contact Ms back. I haves written letters too, still no response.

But you know everything right and in your little perfect world everything would have worked out but guess what?

This is real life and it didn't work out that way. I know what happened and I tried so with that being said you can keep all your accusations to yourself.

to d.standley #1396712

The bills were past due at the least by 30 days before you didn't receive that card. Yes, the card may have been the straw that broke the camel's back....

But you need to accept some responsibility in this as well.

Your review mean not one thing. I just see a bitter person looking to pass blame!!

to SeBeccah Houling #1396764

And I see that you need to keep that to yourself. If you don't like what I put then that is your problem.

I no longer live in that state and I no longer use that company. I am very happy with my bank and haven't had the same issues. And to be quite clear, I wasn't 30 days behind on the rent or my car note. I don't even have any of this on my credit.

IF you have never had this experience that doesn't mean I didn't have a bad one. I was mainly upset because of the customer service I received. You can leave this right were it is. I don't really give a care what you have to say.

BAd customer service is bad customer service. Period.

Would you still shop at a place that gave you bad service, I don't think so. Have a nice day!

to d.standley #1421456

"were not willing to work with me"

Oh Oh.... Next to I'll pay you when I get my tax check, this phrase clearly identifies people who try to do things on THEIR terms and whine when no one wants to, well work with them.

Rent is due on the first, "life happened" and they won't work with me.

Car not is 3 months past due, "life happened" and now they took the car because they wouldn't work with me.

"resulted in me losing my car, my apartment and my job.


Have you ever seen one of those world record domino knock over attempts? You know the thing where you flip one domino and they all fall over. For all of this to happen because of one incident with a card, you already set up the other dominoes to fall. All it took was something simple like a lost card to set it off.

Of course your rant won't include details on you got to this point and the like button hitters who are doing the same thing won't care to know these details. You sound like a nomad with multiple addresses in multiple states never once staying on the phone 4 times to update your address, something you should do each time you move. Something you can do online which you obviously have access to. Folks, it's decision time, be like the OP or be like an adult.

Keep your addresses up to date. Stop setting yourself up so that a simple incident can cause so much dramam

to Anonymous #1430352

Your a walmart shopperb taking ish to another walmart shopper...your pathetic

to Anonymous #1430362

I did have my address up to date. What is funny about your comment, and I think it is HILARIOUS by the way, is the fact that you don't know the details either.

I have always paid my bills on time. No, I am not a nomad. I have only lived in one state majority of my life. People like you who think they know everything are the MAIN ones who don't know anything at all.

I worked with them. I did everything I could do. It isn't my fault that they don't know english. However, it IS my fault that I decided to go through Walmart instead of a real bank which I have now.

It really wasn't a rant, it was the truth and just because you haven't had the same experience doesn't mean you can look down on someone who had a different experience with them. That is the problem with this world, everyone thinks they can kick you while you are down and laugh at you while you are there. I hope nothing like this or other situations happen in your life and I hope no one kicks you while you are down. Oh, I forgot, Your life is perfect and that never happens.

I hope you never have a bad customer service experience. If you do I hope, I hope someone kicks you the way you tried to kick me.

to Anonymous #1420770

I did the same thing when i lossed my card. Just call your employer they will cut you a check..

I swear some people just don't think. Then blame other's for their own mistakes.

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