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WARNING!! IF YOU NEVER want to see your paycheck money, put it on a Walmart Money card or LORD FORBID on Direct Deposit. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF YOUR PAYCHECK MONEY IN CASH, EVER AGAIN ! I had a Walmart Money Card for a couple of years and used it sporadically and it worked OK. My bank started charging alot of fees and held my auto deposits so I started my direct deposit going to the Walmart Money Card. Suddenly there are 2 unknown online charges on my card, the robot-like Asian customer service people could not answer my questions because it was not on their script, they could not say where the charges came from, they would not forward me to an American Supervisor, refused to forward me to the following survey and then disconnected my call. They said they could not tell me who made the first charge and could not block it (it was pending). I purchased another card to move my paycheck into until I could get my direct deposit stopped. I paid $3 to open it and I received the permanent card and another "˜monthly' fee when I have only had the card 10 days. I called to dispute that and they did remove that second fee HOWEVER… they get you coming and going on fees unless it is an automatic deposit and then THAT is WHEN YOUR NIGHTMARE BEGINS.!! Your paycheck is automatically deposited and you expect to get some cash, Right? DREAM ON!! They have policies that restrict you from getting ANY of your HARD EARNED money in CASH!!!! These people running the "Walmart Money Card show" that "˜NOW HAVE YOUR CASH' are NON-AMERICANS, probably CHINESE because customer support is somewhere in Asia and they are using our funds to support them, because they certainly are not letting US have our money after we have made our deposit. In order to use the money I had on my one compromised card, I had to make an online purchase, I did that and had the card closed. However when the second unauthorized purchase credited me back I can't get that money and Walmart Money Card refuses to transfer it to my NEW Card I bought because of the unauthorized charges. They said they had to send me a check for the balance. After I had my auto-deposit transferred to my replacement card, I went to get a money order for my house payment & some cash. Customer Service said they could do the money order but not the cash, as it is against their policy.

After all this, my direct deposit finally ended and I had a balance of $24.25 on my card, I wanted nothing more than to clear that balance and close that card. Guess what ? I COULD NOT!! I went to Walmart and TRIED to make a purchase of $44 and TRIED to use the $24.25 balance against that as a debit and it would not take it, DENIED. I tried to use it as a credit and it wouldn't take it, DENIED. I went to customer service to see if they could make it happen, they could not, DENIED, even though the available balance said $24.25. They could not give me cash back, DENIED, they couldn't run it as a debit or a credit even though they clearly had printed notice that I had $24.25 available. I called the Asian customer service from their phone in Customer Service and was told by the Non-American I had a temporary card, as it said on their script (which I did not)), I asked for an American Supervisor, I was left on hold for 15 minutes until they hung up. Walmart Customer Service Desk said they could not tie up their only phone line with my calls to the Walmart Money Cards customer service and stated they have no control over any of that because they are Not Affiliated with them in any way, had nothing to do with the WALMART MONEY CARD people and made many apologies. The only way I was able to spend the $24.25 of my last payroll deposit was to pay it online against a utility bill, which I did. I don't know ANYONE that needs that much hassle to get access to their paycheck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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While I don't work at walmart maybe i can advise you on somethings about their visa cards. First if the balance due is greater than the amount on the card it declines.

You can request that they enter the tender amount as what is on the card and you shouldn't have issues with that. In regards to the unauthorized purchases there is a major scam going on with all of those cards. People steal the numbers on them put them on a card, demagnatize the strip and wait for the card number to activate. So when it gets swipped it doesn't read.

A lot of cashiers will just punch in the numbers. I turn away at least 4 people a week who try to use these obviously doctored cards.