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My mother bought these cards, for her grandchildren, after being told at Walmart, by 2 different cashiers, on 2 different occasions, that they were the way to go versus the regular Visa Gift Card. They said this was cheaper, and had NO FEES.

the fees are insane, the kids can't activate them, and then they lose money within 10 days of activation, for their monthly FEE. These cards are being pushed by our local Walmart, and the consumers are being lied to. It's horrible. With all their money, why does Walmart have to steal kids' Christmas money?

If it weren't intended to SCAM people out of their money, why would the true information not be clearly posted, in large print, on the outside of the package? You don't find out until you open it, what the deal really is.

Do Not purchase this as a Visa Gift Card! It is a SCAM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Can someone steal your money from giving them one of these cards?

Nola G

It is not a SCAM, it is what VISA does. Don't blame Walmart for A Visa Gift Card issue.

You have to read the fine print on the Visa information, which is available before purchase. That is the law.

Visa controls the fees on their gift cards, Walmart & other retailers just sell them. Visa is the problem, contact them.


Avoid wal*mart (china mart) all together.