Cleveland, Ohio
Not resolved

I was not allowed to pay my bill because it was more than 2 days old. Wal Mart needs to shut down bill payment if they can't take a stub because it is two weeks old.

Today is March 1. The bill is dated February 15. That is pathetic!!!!!!!!

Teller told me to pay my bill at Farm Fresh. Not cash a check PAY A BILL

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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How about doing the adult thing and paying your bills on time. Better yet, if you cannot afford to pay your bills on time don't buy so much on your credit card.

No need to throw a temper tantrum and blame others for something that is not your fault. This is something infants do.


Mall cop on the,lose. Disregard the loser 's comment on your post.

He's a sicko.

Does it to everyone's site. Coward.