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My name is Gabriel and I'm really disappointed with what happened to me today in the Walmart Tewksbury store.

I call before going on the store to check the fee about cash a payroll check, they told me the fee and to have an id. After that, I went on the store, and for my surprise I coundnt have my cash, I showed my Brazilian passport (the only ID I have, which I show for everything I do) and they said they can't accepted a foreign passport. This is completely ridiculous, I fell they don't want immigrant on that store then, they should accept passport as ID AS EVERY PLACE ACCEPT, Including banks, police, or whenever place I show!! She said they only accept American passport or drivers license. THIS IS HORRIBLE. Can you imagine how many people only have passport as ID? I asked twice but she was sure on her speech. Well, I almost call the police but I felt so nervous that I preferred going home.

That's it.

Gabriel Pelegrini

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I just show my Brazilian booty and they let me do whatever I want!!!!!!!!!!!


First, I’d like to say, I would like a personal response to this letter from the following people:

Robert A. Fontana Chief Executive Officer

Geoffrey F.

Lewis Chief Financial Officer

Robert C. Connor Chief Operating Officer

Arwinder Judge Vice President of Clinical Support

Timothy North Senior Vice President of Operations My name is Glenda Petty and I’d like you to know about my experience at Aspen Dental in Champaign, Illinois. July 16, 2015: Consult, x-rays and financial discussion with Joe. I told your team that I wanted a full set of dentures.

After x-rays, I was told I needed torus mandibularis removed. We agreed to proceed. Then I saw Joe in the finance department. He printed out several pages of a proposed financial statement and handed it to me which totaled $20,100.

After I questioned the very inflated quote, he offered a “10% senior discount” and began printed out another stack of papers. I disputed his outrageous quote again and he offered another 20% off and began printing off yet another stack of papers. Each time, I told him I didn’t like his prices. Then he told me Aspen Dental is running a 25% off everything (except extractions) and printed another stack of papers!

Looking over the papers, it was noticed that something was quoted twice, so he took off another $2,000 and printed one more stack of papers! After further discussion, I was given an “all inclusive price” of $13,146.45 which I accepted. July 21, 2015: Mold impressions were taken of my existing teeth. July 28, 2015: All remaining teeth were extracted.

During the proceeded the doctor told my husband that there would be an extra fee of $1,722 for the removal of torus mandibularis. July 29, 2015: Post Op visit. They removed gauze and my dentures and had me rinse out my mouth. When I put my dentures back in, they just fell out of my mouth because they were just too big.

I couldn’t wear then at all. I was informed that you make them a little big because of swelling, which made no sense to me. A day or two later, after the anesthesia wore off, my husband reminded me of the extra $1,722. I called Joe and reminded him that he quoted me an “all inclusive price” for services.

He deducted it from my bill. Aug. 5, 2015: I went to see Dr. Lee to voice concerns about my dentures not fitting properly and my mouth hurting more than I thought it should.

She placed my dentures in my mouth and proceeded to push down quite hard which caused severe pain! (after all, my gums were still very swollen and I had just had 25 teeth extracted 8 days prior!) The severe, shooting pain caused me to grab her hand to stop her from pushing down anymore! She whined that I hurt her, but again, I had just had 25 teeth pulled so I think I was hurt a lot more than she was. She had me put my dentures in and I showed her how my top dentures would just, quite literally, fall out of my mouth.

She said to use denture glue. No amount of denture glue would hold them in because they were obviously way too big. I left very upset that the doctor I entrusted with my teeth wouldn’t even listen to anything I had to say. When I arrived home, I called the office, still upset about the whole situation and told them I did not want to see Dr.

Lee again and told them why. It was noted in my chart that I was only going to see Dr. Phillips from that point on. Aug 10, 2015: Aspen Dental bill paid in full.

Aug 11, 2015: I had a 1:15 appointment with Dr. Phillips. I arrived on time and sat in the lobby for a total of 35 minutes. I understand sometimes there are delays so I let it go.

When I was finally taken to a room, I sat in that room for another 20 minutes. At that point, I still understood delays happen. When Dr. Phillips finally arrived, I explained where the dentures were causing me pain.

He left the room to grind parts of the dentures down and was gone for another 20 minutes. At this point my understanding delays began to wear thin. He returned to tell me he would add a soft liner to the dentures (that day) but never had me try the dentures to see if the grinding helped. He immediately left the room for another 35 minutes.

Yes, I was keeping track of time due to the ridiculousness of all the waiting. He returned again to tell me that he’d get the soft liner in today. Though it is very nice of you to provide televisions in your rooms to keep your patients entertained, I did not make the 40 mile round trip to watch television! When I mentioned this to him, his reply was that he had other patients.

I told him that I was aware of the other patients but I paid a lot of money to be seen by a doctor and have my problems PROPERLY addressed. He said, okay and left the room again. After he returned, he commented on getting the liner made definitely today. So much for my problems being properly addressed.

This did not happen, that day or any other day I was seen at Aspen Dental. After being there for two hours, I had another appointment across town and couldn’t wait any longer. After something that should have taken a maximum total to 30 minutes, and I’m being generous with 30 minutes, I had to leave and had none of my issues resolved. During my 2 hour visit to your Champaign, IL.

office, I spent a total of 10 minutes with the doctor. If I were CEO, that would be considered unacceptable at the very least. Aug 17, 2015: I returned to Aspin Dental to speak with the financial department and asked Joe to refund my money. (excluding extraction fees) For weeks, I was miserable.

I had terrible pain and the dentures that I was promised simply weren’t delivered. 3 – 4 weeks later, my credit card was refunded and I closed the chapter in my life marked, Aspen Dental. I took my money and found another dentist. At that time, I had been without teeth for 5 weeks.

The first time he looked in my mouth, he was shocked by my mangled gums. He suggested that I heal for another 4 weeks so as not to do more damage. I went a total of 15 weeks without teeth due to your staff’s unprofessionalism. Your staff in Champaign is very wasteful with supplies, inattentive to patients, inflicting unnecessary pain, unprofessional by making them wait so long and by not delivering on your promise of Guaranteed Satisfaction, in turn ...

having to refund thousands of dollars to them. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and all of my family and friends have seen me suffer through this agenizing experience and they know who has caused it. No one I know will patronize your facility in Champaign, IL., nor will my family and friends that don’t live in this area. I am enclosing pictures of the teeth your company provided me as well as pictures of my current dentures.

See if you can tell which dentures Aspen Dental refunded my money on.

I look forward to your response. Lesson learned, Glenda Petty Click here to Reply or Forward


She was going by store policy. Had she put your passport numbers in the the bank that allows walmart to cash checks would have denied it.