Denver, Colorado

I live in arizona and my son is in denver colorado he is a student I have sent him money via money gram several times to the location at sheriden ave however he was not able to obtain his money because his driver id was worn so it was suggested to us by walmart employees he obtain another id which was legible so he obtained a college id.Today i sent him funds through money gram and he was unable to obtain his funds because it was not "government issued" really??? he is from newyork how long would it take to get a new id?what is even more upsetting is that the store can recognize him by name and i spoke with the manager and confirmed the ref # I understand there is policies however there needs to be logical.I am sorry to say I will no longer be using money gram or walmart services which is unfortunate because my son will be in college for at least 4 years and you will be losing money over this since there is a transfer fee each time a transaction is made

respectfully submitted

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I love when customers are in the wrong,and they want to hit you with 'I will NEVER come back here again. They are not about to change the rules for you or your son,get over it.If they let you slide,they will have to do it for everyone.


Walmart is not the one who demands the government issued ID, Money Gram is, and Walmart does not own Money Gram. I am also willing to bet they told him government issued ID.

He is in college in AZ, s he can get an Arizona ID. Money Gram also allows you to use a password in case no ID is available.