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I signed up for and use(d) the Billpay feature of the Walmart Moneycard. I religiously checked the online statement to be sure the proper payments had been debited and paid. Recently I discovered that 5 out of 18 payments, although marked as paid, were never received by the merchant.

For the past 20 days I have been back and forth with the customer service people to get check numbers and paid dates of the 5 missed payments. Each time they complete "tickets" to investigate and each time there is an error on how the tickets were written and investigated. Talking with supervisors or corporate managers have been fruitless, and nobody at Walmart seems to know how to get GreenDot (the card administrators) to respond with the correct information.

Greendot continues to suggest that the issue is with Walmart, and not with them.

If anyone has had any success in contacting the proper people to get problems resolved it would be great to post it.

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The only problem I have is the twenty or so unmanned registers they have. Why put in that many if you are NEVER going to use them?

They DON'T! They let customers stand in lines of 8-10 people are more and just look at you and don't care. I don't usually talk to any employees because most of the time they DO all have an attitude.

They are just there for the paycheck just like everywhere else. :) :)