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Never, I mean never buy this horrible utter piece of BS! this card sucks sooooo..... badly it's not even funny.

Ok where do I start... oh yes, everything started when I wanted to buy some cd's at on July of this year. the seller only accepted Paypal so I knew I needed a *** credit card to make the purchase. So I ask Dad to see if he could give me my credit card (That he let me get from my fathers bank since I'm 18 & I needed the card because I was going to travel to USA I live in Puerto Rico btw.) buy my father wouldn't let me because he kept saying stuff about stealing my identity blalala... so pissed off because I couldn't buy anything my cousin recommended me a prepaid card saying that it's safe to use & you can only use the amount that you got on it and there is no danger in getting robbed. So I agreed and went to my local walmart bought this *** piece of useless plastic & loaded it with 100$ USD a bit more than I needed to make the purchase. The clark tells me that I must call their horrible customer serivice & so I can activate my card. I opened the package and learned that the one I bought is a "provisional one" and that I must call them give some personal info so I can apply and get the "standard card" via mail. So I call, and supposingly managed to activate the card but since I wanted to make future purchases and knew that once I used the card it would be useless as the "provisional card is not reloadble I told the representative at that time that I wanted to apply for the normal card so I give them very sensitive information like my Name's social security number etc. but at the and they give me a very *** excuse that they could not vertify me for the requirements and I would need to send them more proof via mail (copy of my id card, social security card. etc) so my Dad helps me gather the correct information I print my personal info that I got and send the proff via mail. about a week passes and I get a *** of a present in the mail. I get one of their filthy replys saying THAT I STILL NEEDED MORE INFO!!!! My workers ID, USA ID, passport ID, etc. WTFH, is wrong with those people? they wanted like all my precious info. So was shocked and pissed off but at the moment I though that it was ok since I thought that my card was valid, but before that I waited about 3 weeks to see if they would send the card. Nope, I got nothing so I tryed to make the payment via paypal but paypal would kept refusing my card saying they couldn't vertify it, so I called paypal to see what was the problem they said that the payment couldn't be prossed due to invalid bank account? I was about to stab and kill those crooks since I had been pending that order since August and the seller was a bit impatient that It took me so long to pay him. So my brain tells me that if I don't go and sneak my real debit card I'm going to lose everything so I use my debit card, by father gets pissed off after the bank calls about a mysterious transaction that I made, but at least I got to made my personal account for that use, and I dont have to worry about those piece of garbage pre-paid card scams, but back to the story, I managed to get the payment done & got my items from the seller in two weeks. So since the payment was done I wanted to see if I could get my money back from that useless card I go to walmart again and they tell me the very sad story that I could not get a refund of my pre-paid card and the only possible way I could get (Some money back) was to make a purchase there and get a cash back (At that time I had 90$ on my account, why? I'll mention it when I finish this horrible story.) so I try to buy a Snicker's pass the card &.... invalid!!! yeah!!! another time... invalid!!! so I knew that something fishy was going on so I call thier service to see what was going on and the guy that talks to me says: "Oh I'm sorry your card has not been activated due to the lack of suficient info.) WHAT DO YOU MEAN MORE INFO?!?!?! he said that I needed to sent them a bill (Water, electric etc.) with my name on it to prove my identity?? wtf??? I don't work and I'm in college!!!! and I don't pay any utility bills!!! So all this time my card was never activated, and here's the really frustrating part I hate talking to those robots, so I put up my Dad to talk to them (With my permision since I'm officially an adult.) they say the same Chinese story so Dad tells them that I do not work and I'm in college so their is no legal way thay my name will appear in any bill so but they insisted since it's thier *** law so Dad sends his bill info to them and a note saying that I do not work & therefore do not have a bill with my pretty name on it. he sends the info and what do you know not a reply to them for 3 weeks so back into the case in preying that I finally got all their needed info so I can activate the card and get some of my money from it. So I call put Dad up since I did not understand them they say: "All the info is provided. but... you must send a signed note from a lawyer, to prove that "My name, last name." is not working and is still on colege. I mean thats the most redicule thing I have ever seen, what else do you what from be? I'd gladly *** on a bag and send it to you (My apologies for this.) but I gotta, Walmart is clearly running a scam with this pre-paid card scheme they will annoy you to death until they got every last inch of info from you oh, and guess whats last their *** hidden fees:

They charge you a mantanence fee of 3.00$ per month and guess what they don't tell you? they charge you even if you card is not activated!! so I lost 9.00$ because I was holding it but I wasn't able to use it because it WAS NEVER VALID!!!!!

ATM fee: 2.00 per transaction: Fair enough but they charge you even if the transaction fails! and in my case I tryed to make a transaction to get my money back two times so they charged me 4.00$ due to "Failed transaction fee"

Walmart should suffer a painful death!! they try to pluck your money in any way, they suck major balls and thier customer service is the worst i've ever seen in a million years, thier policy is just to fool you and keep your money and until this day I have not been able to get (Whats left on my card.) back, wtf do you think you are??? it's my money and I want it whenever I want to!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Of course they will charge you a the previous poster said "it's not a charity", nor is it a scam. Sounds like this person most likely has the mental capacity of a fruit fly & does not know how to complete a simple form followed up by an "activation" phone call.

When i got my WalMart money card I simply added money to the temp card in the store, then made a simple phone call to the automated activation number(not to customer service as the original poster indicated) and that was it...real card came the next week...end of story. :?


WalMart is a company, not a charity. They will make money from selling you this card. Also identity theft is a very real real problem, one with very real preventive measures.