Nashville, Tennessee

We sold a car and were paid by MoneyGram money orders purchased at Walmart. We went to the same Walmart where they were purchased and they will not cash them.

I get the run around by calling customer service and nobody will answer my questions. I am going to deposit them through my bank now, so I'll get the money eventually; that's not the issue.

The issue is that I want to know why a company offers a service they cannot back up and when I try to get a resolution, I'm told it isn't their problem. What a joke for "service"!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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No he's right! I had a $3k money gram money order as well and was told the exact darn thing!

My Dad gave it to because he didn't want me to travel with a ton of cash. Once I made it back I tried to cash it at the Wal-Mart in Jackson and Madison, MS... nothing! Security reasons and flagged?

WTF is that? I asked I've never had one before.. it's there product, I had a copy of the receipt that they confirmed. What?!

Customer service was rude as well.

I had to send it back to Dad and have him deposit it in my account and wait... tons of inconvenience!!!


I just had the same experience. They said my two money grams were declined for security reasons.

So cashing a money order is now a red flag??

For what? I will never use money grams again.


Never ever take anything but cash for a transaction like that. The money orders are probably fraudulent.

Cash only!!!! Then you know for sure what you are getting. I use the Money Center all the time with no issue.

Did you see the buyer actually purchase them there or just take their word? Why couldn't they pay in cash?


Money orders for that amount are fraudulant, you were proly taken by a nigerian scam. Even though walmarts name is on it, the whole thing sounds shady


You didn't lose $4,000, your bank will take care of it for you. Did you try to cash them at the money store in WalMart, or at customer service, or at a check out counter?

I don't know why the money store wouldn't cash them for you.

All I know is every now and then I use the WalMart money orders when I want to order something that I don't want to use my checking account or credit card for and nobody has ever complained about having trouble cashing them.