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BTW in the phone interview the Walmart MoneyGram rep asked me questions like who is this person to me (I said my close friend), how long did I know him (I said five years), she asked if we met in person (I said no), she asked what the money was for (I said i wanted him to buy a new PC headset with it), she asked me about my past sending money to him (I said it's rare only one other time for around $20). This is my close friend of five years and we've exchanged so many gifts dozens of times which we document in pictures on Facebook.

She then told me I was denied and that security felt this was part of a scam or I was being scammed.

I asked to speak with someone higher up to try and straighten this out and she told me there is nobody else for me to speak with. Too much hassle over something Western union handled perfectly, was even over $1 cheaper (maybe was some special).

Original review posted by user Jan 12, 2015

I went to the Walmart MoneyGram Website and tried to send around $20 to a friend in Serbia. After I filled everything out I got an email to call a toll free number because additional info was needed.

I called it and she asked me a bunch or personal questions about my relationship and what was this money to be used for and then she denied me saying security feels it's a scam.

I asked her for someone higher up to talk to and she said there is nobody. I sent the $20 via Western union instead with no problem.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop making it so strict for something obviously not a scam over $20 for someone I told her her I knew 5 years and rarely sent money to. If I ask to speak to someone higher up then let me, don't lie and say a customer service rep is the highest I can talk.

Walmart Cons: Ridiculous policy.

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I just had the same issue. They are pathetic.

*** customer service.

No way to address a mistake made by their "security system". GARBAGE.


Moneygram is not owned by walmart. If you send money walmart to walmart service, you wont encounter the foreign call center experience, or should I say nightmare. Moneygram sucks.


They do suck i was sending just here inside texas and got all of the same *** .their cust serv always says that it is your card or your bank account. Even when i went to a walmart store ,used the same card and it went through.I called them to try to let them no.

They didn't care nor would they send me to anyone in the U.S. that might have a clue.

Look at their stock and that prove how bad the management is now.I wonder how golfers at this company recvd. a nice bonus.


I had the same issues, ask a number of questions that was none of their business, choose a different method to send money. Do to use moneygram


They asked you those questions for a reason. Many scams start out like that where they claim to be from a different country. They're just protecting you and the company.


Wow that is so great. Hopefully Western Union will start doing the same thing.

I have read so many stories of Men and Women being scammed out of thousands of dollars. I hope they keep making it harder and harder for money to be sent.

I know Dr. Phil would be doing a dance if he knew about this.