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Here is my biggest gripe with Walmart; it is their lack of respect to their customers. Usually I experience bad customer service or employees acting like they know everything that goes on in the store and I end up finding the product myself.

This time it is their lack of taking responsibility for marking product correctly. They do not mark their music at all whether it is explicit or the clean radio edit. Well I bought several CDs of my favorite band which I know has cuss words in the songs. I get home, crack them open and take a listen.

To my surprise every cuss word is censored. There are no markings on the CD that let me know it is the clean radio edited version and there were no markings on the shelf saying that it was the clean version. Now I am having a huge dilemma; I cannot take my CDs back because I had opened them, but on the other hand I was not given the correct product that I wanted to buy using my own hard earned money.

Walmart had cheated me out of my money by not correctly marking their product and then will deny responsibility. I do understand the concept of copyright laws preventing me from getting a refund from Walmart.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why even buy CDs you can use YouTube is not a proper answer. Miss I am a front end manager and understand your grief but do not understand how you received an uncensured version from Walmart when Walmart sells only censored versions.

What part of the copy write law do you not understand though? The government has told all retailers that returning opened cds,dvds or games for full cash value is illegal thus preventing us being able to return it for you.

This is a manufacture error and an law issue none of which are Walmarts fault. What they could have done is let you trade it for the very same one that is sensored like all versions sold should be.


It does not make any difference you have to be 18 to buy the uncensored version anyawy


Walmart only sells censored cd's in stores and have for a number of years now. If you want a non-censored cd from walmart you have to order it online.