Boerne, Texas

Would not let me return a whole bolt of material! I purchased the whole bolt!!!

It was never cut! They need to post a sign in the fabric department that no fabric - cut or uncut can be returned!

Bad policy. Whole bolts uncut should be returnable!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They do have signs in the fabric department stating this. Maybe you need to take mommy, daddy or another adult to the store with you so they can read this sign to you. Maybe you should also have asked their permission before making the purchase, or better known you truly wanted the fabric before purchasing.


Wow, how rude can you get? It is not unreasonable that this huge corporation who makes millions off of consumers by selling them garbage, give her a refund of her hard earned money for her unused merchandise .

didn't your mommy ever teach you that of you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all? Or not to stick your noise into anybody else's business? Maybe your parents should have worked a little harder in the morals dept.

Or maybe you're just am unhappy person. Either way, this woman did not deserve your backlash.


There are quite a few teenagers who like to play on this website and insult the adults that are posting letters and using this site in the manner in which it was intended. I've noticed with it being summer and school being out, it has gotten worse.