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Went to buy a futon the bar code was not present he said check customer service they said check online.We go home check online and that store (Lancaster Pa. Lincoln Hwy) had 4 in stock they just didn't wanted to go back and look. So we go back again and they said now its buried in the backroom and can't get to it they'll call when they find it really? Now I'm making a 3 trip wasting gas and time and with your service I wouldn't be surprised if its missing a part. So I think after this adventure Target your my new friend.....and your 1 mile down the road for WhackMart.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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I use to live in Lancaster County and have shopped at that Walmart. it's not a very good, I recommend the one in Parkesburg even though it's in Chester County. but there's no need to be racist just because you didn't get your way.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442734

Is not that they cannot understand English. The problem is they cannot understand your attempt at the English. Which btw most people cannot understand.


With all due respect, it seems like you're the one that doesn't fully understand the situation.


I can't even understand what you're trying to say.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442173

You forgot to add to your review.

Sincerely a Target employee.

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