First of all let me just say this is absolutely frustrating. I understand that Walmart has a bit of an understaffing issue as well as an issue with not giving enough benefits to their workers but this is absolutely frustrating.

I call Walmart today after work to find out if they have a cell phone case in stock that I was wishing to buy and they put me on hold for about 30-40 minutes! IN the end I just hung up because the lady put me on hold and absolutely "forgot" about me.

This is absolutely ridiculous-good thing I had an unlimited plan on my cell phone, or I might not have enough minutes for this month. Please Walmart, try and work with your employees to raise their working standards so they can give us the best service we need.

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Walmart hires street trash and other idiots these days. They don't know how to find real people anymore.


Raise their working standards??? You mean kiss your *** right???

Perhaps the employee was busy with other customers who were in the store and couldn't get back to the phone.

Why should they have to put off someone who is in the store needing help so that they can assist you on the phone? Look online if you want to know if they carry what you want or get off your *** and go out to the store yourself.


has it ever accured to you to get off your *** and go check yourself im sure the employees have customers in front of them who actually took the time to come into the store to shop. People who call to see if things SHOULD be left on the phone.


I don't shop at Walmart anymore. Other stores like Biggs, Meijer, and Kroger have prices near or at what Walmart offers, and I can get in and out of the other stores twice as fast as I can Walmart because Walmart doesn't have self-checkout and people, whether it be customers at the front of the line paying or cashiers, can take forever. There really is no reason to shop at Walmart anymore.

@Dr. Dunn

I hope Walmart is nearing its end. Sam Walton would be ashamed of what has happened to his company.


Forgive my previous ignorant comment I've had another bad day. :upset I completely understand your frustration.

You should have ask for a manager as they answer the phone quickly much more so than a regular associate. I know when I am looking for a specific item I like to call and confirm its availability and even ask them to hold it for me I always get the name of the associate I spoke with in case there is a problem. Which is usually the case where Walmart when dealing with Walmart. When calling and asking for a manager to do the search after you have informed them that you hope they are able to do what their associate was not, the managers are never happy to hear their associates aren't doing their job well.

I have never had a associate help me and it take longer than 10 minutes. I was mistaken when I said they may have been helping customers since I rarely see them helping customers much less taking 30 minutes to help customers.


Did it ever occur to you that the employee might have been stopped by customers wanting information? I don't find WalMart stores to be understaffed, but what are they supposed to do if a customer stops them to ask for information, when they are on the way to see if they have something you want?

Did you actually time the call or did it just seem that long? Another thing, apparently it didn't enter you mind that you could look the information up on their web site, and also find out if it was available in your local store.


Soiux Falls, Let me point out a couple of things. First, the website of any store is notoriously inaccurate about stock counts.

I ordered an item from Home Depot. The website said they had seven in stock. I went through checkout, paid for two of them, drove all the way to the store, and they didn't have any at all! Do you really think Walmart would be competent at keeping up that end?

HA! For another, the staffing at Walmart depends on the store somewhat. Since South Dakota is sparsely populated, I bet you can get assistance much easier than someone in CA or TX.

And last, it's not unreasonable for a customer to ask someone to help them on the phone. What is unreasonable is a multibillion dollar company to purposely be so understaffed a customer can't get the answer to a simple question when they call.