West Fork, Arkansas
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Update by user Jul 30, 2012

Bt the way, this is the real MrsLeaC. The location changed on me for some reason when I submitted my post.

I still say if it doesn\'t say Springdale, Ar it ain\'t me.

Shane on you PissedConsumer.com!! I am going to tell my husband on you as well!!

Original review posted by user Jul 30, 2012

I Decided to try this one today after I had that bad experience yesterday at the other neighborhood market in town. I called ahead and demanded that they have the red carpet rolled out for me and a Litter vehicle held up by hunky Walmart male employees wearing only loin cloths, with a Big Mac and coke included, ready to escort me around the store.

The girl who answered the phone, Lisa, just laughed at me when I gave her my demands. I then informed her that my husband works at the home office and he will come in and fire her if she doesn't comply. She then hung the phone up on me. I went in and found her and threatened to slap her for the way she treated me and she told me that she was going to call the cops if i didn't leave immediately.

I was just flabbergasted at this treatment. My husband will be hearing about this!!

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Oh yey, I have really done what is talked about in the OP. I mean c'mon, BigBruce. Don't be ***.


According to Google, West Fork, AR is only 21.3 miles from Springdale. I'll let everyone else draw their own conclusions.


Joan, this is another parody post from one of my parody trolls. This never happened. I mean c'mon!!


Have you ever stopped to think that maybe all the complaining you do about your local WalMart stores could end up getting your HUSBAND who works in the home office fired. I'm sure the people above him are getting tired of your endless babble. Oh by the way I think you are just a troll.


Oh good grief a new imposter!! You people are so immature.

BTW, I think the correct word is "sedan chair," not "litter vehicle." As in your reference to those human-powered, ancient versions of motorcades that was used to transport Ancient Egyptian pharoahs and Ancient Roman leaders around their lands.