Little Rock, Arkansas

Fair is fair. After posting two complaints about other Wal-mart's on this site I feel I have to post a positive one.

A new Walmart neighorhood market has opened up in downtown Little Rock, AR. My experiences there have all been good. The store is always clean, employees pleasant and friendly, and they actually open new register lines if there are more than three people in line. Maybe it is because neighborhood markets are smaller and not open 24 hours the employees and shoppers are happier.

I am not sure what the difference is but I will be shopping here now instead of the huge Walmart super centers.

I am willing to pay a little more and have a slightly smaller selection in order to have a pleasant shopping trip. GOOD JOB WALMART

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Maybe it is not good experience you got maybe you are no longer suffering from PMS, and are not on your monthly so you did not see a problem with every little thing.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

God you are a *** ... do you ever get laid?


"Springdale is a almost 200 miles from Little Rock."

Well normally that would take three or four hours to get there, but for you it will take four days because you would have to stop at every Mcdonalds and order a meal every ten minutes, then you would argue with the cashier to a point of coming close to slapping them if they did not give you a free refill for your drink you bought at another Mcdonalds.


Springdale is a almost 200 miles from Little Rock.


well it'll be good until MsLea goes in there and makes the employees miserable. and then she'll mess up the shelves when her 400lb self bumps into them.