Irvington, New York

My windshield was scratched while I was getting my car an oil change and wipers. It's been lots of me calling in and people giving me the run around.

It's horrible service. I am trying to communicate with walmart and the manager tells me to call back at noon. I did and he was at lunch.

The insurance person I was assigned to in Arkansas went on vacation but nobody contacted me. I was waiting for a phone call that was not going to happen.

I had to call into the operator and hold for 15 minutes until i could the agent to talk to me.

I wish more people woudl boycott walmart. They do everything wrong and get away with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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My guess is he somehow scratched the windshield himself and wants them to pay for it. Otherwise he would do the logical thing.

Also the manager like this person has every right to a lunch break. The world does not revolve around him.


Can you prove they did it?


Why didn't you complain about it while you were there or drive back and complain in person?

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