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I went to Walmart to buy some beauty products I spend about $87.00 dollars the cashier forgot to gave me four items. She got distracted by the customer behind me and started ringing his stuff before I even finish getting my bags. I went home and look for this items that I was charge for but she didn't give to me . As frustrated as I was I got back to that Walmart tried to get my items or my money back Which total 30.00 Dollars. First, the cashier tried to say that she did not recognized me, then she said that" she gave me everything that I went home and left the items and tried to steal from them. I asked for a supervisor and this other cashier grabbed my receive and in a cold matter, rude, and ignorant said that she reviewed the cameras and I took everything which again I did not. Then the shift Manager humiliate me and treated me like I was Crazy and a thief. Then I asked for corporate number and I was told that no one can't help me. So I went to my car got the items she did gave me and walked again inside this horrible Walmart as I walked inside going towards "Customer Service" and they mention Oh here we go.

Also, the manager came to me and said " we will return this items" however, we will not returned the ones you had stolen. I work Customer Service and I never had mistreated a customer or have I ever received this I lost $30.00 I worked full time and I go to College I can't afford to lose money. The frustration and the sense of powerless I feel right now is incomprehensible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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This is a common problem at Walmart which is why I always do self check out when I can. If you end up with a checker that doesn't let you get your bags then have them stop and wait for you. Walmart is not customer service oriented so if you walk out of the store missing a bag, you are sol.


Well the part is partly yours. Most adults tend to check their bags before leaving.

Also anonymous why do people believe that someone who uses logic to tell a customer they are wrong they work for the company. The fact that you believe this and do not take any blame for forgetting your bags makes me wonder if you too are an infant who needs mommy to watch her.


I have had the same thing happen. I had bought 3 packages of scripto pilot g-2 pens along with several other stationary items.

I got the other stationary items but not the pens. The cashier had placed them in a bag on the carousel and only handed me the bag with my other stuff. I immediately went back probably no more than 5 minutes and he had already given them to another customer saying he thought they belonged to them. I had to go back to the stationary section and get the pens...by the way the packages were 4.97 each.

Now when I shop there I spin the carousel around checking every bag. We all must remember Walmart hires ignorant employees like LadyScot and we have to watch over them like infants because they don't know how to do their job properly


If you watch closely, you will probably also see that some items at WalMart get charged more at the cash register than they were marked on the shelf. That is ILLEGAL.

I would also say you have the right to tell the cashier to SLOW DOWN so you can keep up. Tell her you won't allow her to rip you off again.

Those same type people will also sometimes take a $20 bill and pretend you gave them a $10. So when you pay cash, always try and pay as exactly as you can instead of giving them excess change.


Hi all-

You know what I think? That carousel has got to go.

I've had them forget to give me entire bags full of stuff, due to their putting items in bags, skipping a bag, then continuing. When they go to load the items back in the cart, they stop at the empty bag. Probably just a mistake, but one that the carousel makes easier to happen.

Now, I check all the bags as a matter of habit. So the carousel has got to go!