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I purchased a 3’x5’ Free Standing Pool Deck from and it was an absolute nightmare. The reason I am placing my review here is that Walmart would not post my review.

HERE IS THE REVIEW THAT WALMART WOULD NOT POST: "This was my first experience with Walmart and it will be my last. My purchase was a pool deck. SHIPPING PROBLEM: First delivery of 5 boxes was missing the box with the railings, instructions and hardware as it was damaged by Fedex. Walmart could not replace one missing box and re-sent the entire deck.

As it turned out, they had also sent the wrong ladder. The replacement shipment had no directions so we winged it. PRODUCT ASSEMBLY PROBLEMS: During assembly of the deck, the ladder called for 40 lbs of sand in the stair supports which actually only held 10lbs so ladder floated and fell apart while trying to get it into the water. All of the steps fell off.

My husband had to screw the entire ladder together including the steps. We have to buy sand bags to put over the steps to hold it down. The outside stair was missing the handles and we had to pay a machinist to create new aluminum handles. RETURN OF FIRST ORDER PROBLEM: Walmart arranged the labels to return the package and told me to put the same label on all of the boxes.

Fedex only picked up one box because I needed separate labels which delayed the return. It is now August 8th and I’m still waiting for Fedex to pick up the return. WALMART CUSTOMER SERVICE PROBLEM: I spoke to many, many CS Reps who were all very gracious, if not misinformed. However, on July 30th I spoke to a CS Rep via chat.

She offered a pittance as a credit and when I asked her to at least cover the cost of the machinist we had to hire to make the aluminum parts that were still missing or didn’t fit, she became nasty indicating in so many words that I had insulted her "high level" position in the company as a person who could offer a refund or credit. Evidently I had insulted her when I asked to speak to someone who might be able to arrange a better credit. REVIEWS: You cannot trust the reviews as they pick and choose the reviews they want. I believe that most of the positive reviews are probably made up.

Walmart would not post my review and the other negative reviews on their site are pretty basic without much detail. BOTTOM LINE: Walmart has failed in their efforts to compete with the online big boys like Amazon. Their products are inferior, shipping is inferior and Juliana L. should not be a customer service rep.

Most of the CS reps were very nice and tried to do the best they could within Walmart's restrictions. MY ADVISE is to stay away from, because they have no control and they are not prepared to compete on the level of Amazon. My husband took a week vacation so he could build the deck and enjoy a stay-cation, but instead the replacement shipment arrived after he went back to work. We missed the hottest days of the summer and had to cancel our annual family party.

I ordered the deck on July 4th and here it is August 6th and I still can’t get rid of this nightmare.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE ISSUES.

Monetary Loss: $854.

Preferred solution: Additional refund to my credit card..

Walmart Cons: Nightmare, Customer service solutions, Shipping, Packaging, Defective products.

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