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09/14/15 we purchased a Nintendo Wii U Super Mario Deluxe game system from Order #5281574471430 for my grandson's birthday.

It did not work when we tried to set it up. We call Nintendo tech support & they couldnt help us. they suggested we send it for repairs. That would take too long.

We took it to a local Walmart store & they would not exchange because the serial # was from Target!!! We spoke to the store manager & he was nice but gave us a receipt that says they will not exchange it because the serial number belonged to Target. we called and besides being transfered all over and hung up on 3 times, they said theyll take it back but it will take up to 2 weeks. so we had to buy another one because it was a present for my grandson birthday today & then later work on sending the malfunctioning one back for refund.

We spent $534 so far! why did we receive a product from Walmart that has serial # from Target?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Oh never mind it turned out we did buy it from target. We were going to buy from Walmart but Target had a better deal, it cost five percent less.

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