Greensburg, Pennsylvania
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I went to the Greensburg, PA Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things, holding my breath because they are always out of something, but really, NO bottled water! I stood there dumbfounded as did another shopper, looking around like it would magically appear. I said, I hate this store! All they had were gallon jugs of distilled water and yes I really want to carry a gallon jug around in my purse. Really, what mental idiots to they hire to handle the supply and demand buying for these stores! Never once have I gone to Walmart and gotten a complete order. Even their Pet department is the worst I've seen. The Dollar store has a better variety of pet food, boy is that sad.

When I lived in Marietta, CA they had Super Targets there and they were wonderful!! You could find everything you needed and then some. I wish they would move East, as I know they would make a mint.

Even the employee's of Walmart shop at the local Target store here because there is more of a variety. And every time you go to Walmart they are raising their prices, I know I'm not the only one that hates those always empty shelves.

Very dissatisfied custommer!!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Did you ever consider the fact that maybe some of the water got donated to Eastern PA because of the floods? Get a water bottle and a Brita and move on.


Hey Tash - Tell him, gurl. I didn't know you were familiar with three year old shoppers but you hung that CHILD out to dry.

Great job - detecting the three year olds posting to these sites. Go get 'em - Tashy.


All you have to do to find an employee is go up to the registers. They can page someone for you.


You are all mental idiots. I wanted bottled water and why should I reuse water bottles. I don't like talking to people so why should I ask?


Some places can NOT drink their water out of their faucet. SOME but yes still yet SOIME ppl DO NEED "bottled water"

I am not complaining but to say that I live in PA and my local walmart NEVER hasbottled water on the shelves. I am not exaggerating or stretching the truth. I am very literally NEVER have bottled water on the shelves. EVER. They are always out of it.

Far asking a WALMART employee for bottled water- good luck finding someone. Its not a random thing with the bottled water. Its not one kind or one brand. its ALL THE WATER!

I ahve to believe there is something to this since somebody else complained about this. I thought at first it was because of the hurricane. It was before that too though and has not been replenished yet. MONTHS. Who knows but yes it IS a legit complaint. :x


Your complaining about bottled water?? Really??

I won't even get into the fact that anyone who pays for bottled water on a regular basis is a fool with their money.

Water is one of few things in life that is still free for those who choose. In any event, ANORHI has the best idea--ask!


Buy reusable bottles.


There's not always time to restock the shelves- or even notice that it needs to be done. 'specially when it's busy or the store has been understaffed.

All you have to do is ask an employee and they'll usually be able to get some out of the back for you.