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The Walmart in Louisville MS has been told not to play Christmas Music. I am calling on all my friends to not shop at Walmart, pay a little more and we can put this giant back in place.

REMEMBER BY AMERICAN ,that was Wal Mart's slogan a few years ago. After they put all the people out in the states they then went to China.We need your support.It has been long coming for us to stand up for our views.

Through my company I spend several thousand dollars each year, I promise I will send an email in the morning to stop this.


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I applaud them, Christmas music can make people go crazy, but to be honest it is all those non Christians who are ruining it. Look this is USA, you don't celebrate Christmas that is fine, but if you want us to stop celebrating our holidays because you don't celebrate Christmas get the *** out and go back to your own *** country.


We have had Christmas music at our small town walmart every year until this year, we have a new store manager that is a liberal atheist who lives 50 miles away from our town where she works and the music is one of the few things she can control that corporate apparently doesn't dictate, we miss it but can't do anything about it without risking our job. What is really *** is that the songs on the corporate issued CD are all secular songs like jingle bells but I guess even this offends atheist scrooges, so much for tradition.


Hey Mark - you sound like a deadbeat who has time on their hands to do nothing but complain all day long, critical of everyone. Someone else had this to say about you, and I agree totally--they said, "After reviewing your "comments" on other peoples posts on this site and other sites, I can see you offer no help to anyone you just have nothing better to do with your time then go around calling EVERYONE else in this world a deadbeat. You're a self loathing man who can only find satisfaction in mouthing off about people you don't know.You are no longer worth my time so say as you please you obviously know NOTHING or you'd have something useful to add several posts ago".


I for one don't mind Christmas music being played in the shops but I don't

think there is any reason to complain about it not being played. Also

when my sister and I were small we sang along to the christmas carols

which (I think) brightend the adults day. So I think there is really no reason

To complain one way or another though I do think it is nice to

Join in the festive celebrations.


You want to "force" Walmart to play Xmas music? Who the heck do you think you are? Probably some right wing bible pounding Republican.


Many retail stores are not playing Christmas music because of people who complain. Seriously this is Canada( or in all your cases the U.S) You don't like it get the *** out of my country or my cousin's country.

Everytime I go to us same BS. Canada and US are generally Christian Countries who celebrate Christmas. You don't like it leave to a third world country. You cannot have the advantages of our countries and then change our lifestyles and views.

Why should we change our styles just because someone wants to take advantage of our conutries being free countries, and first world countries and then have to change things for them crybabies. Seriously either tolerate it or leave.


i think its pathetic,, who wants to hear it,,who does'nt,,,face it according to the calender, its christmas,you can't escape it or deny it. there should'nt be a choice, if you don't like hearing it,,,leave,,we should all be subjected to the scrooges,, make them happy ???, thats just wrong, what kind of message are we sending children,,oh walmart likes our money, but refuses to acknowledge its christmas !

the music played in my walmart up untill 2 weeks ago,,,then , gone,, they all deny they know anything about it,,,,i dunno,,,,it should'nt have to be something to have to beg for. for those who don't want to listen to it,,,how sad and pathetic.


I think as an American business, they can play whichever music they like. As an American consumer, we can choose which store we want to visit.

It sounds like you would like Wal-Mart to be forced to play Christmas music. I like living in a free country, thank you.


Not Jewesh, or any other religion, just tired of Christmas songs being played from August up throught the first week of January


Mark you sound Jewish. Well go back to China where you come from.

Wal-mart should not cater to you Jews. This is why I don't shop at Kmart they did the same thing. I am a supervisor and I have informed my workers not to shop there and if they do they will be fired. I have told my friends not to shop there and if they do they will no longer be my friends.

9 years ago when I boycotted Kmart I lost 11 friends who I found out when to Kmart behind my back. Now lost two more friends for shopping at Wal-mart.

No lose to me. This just means I can spend more money on Christmas gifts to other friends because I don't have to buy gifts for these losers.


Yeah, I am sure WalMart will tremble in their **boots** when they get your rant!!LOL

No Christmas music..GOOD!!! I for one get sick and tired of this music playing 24/7 everywhere beginning the last week of August.