Richardson, Texas
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Went to Lawn and Garden at WalMart and found exactly what I wanted. When I got ready to check out the checker was gone and both lanes were closed.

I had to walk clear inside the store to check out then walk clear back to Lawn and Garden to get to my car. There were only 2 or checkers inside the store. With all of the lanes Wal Mart has why can't they hire more checkers so we don't have to stand in line forever to check out.

I am avoiding Wal Mart if at all possible. This is ridiculous!

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Get a job there as a cashier. . Problem solved


and Anonymous, what do you know other than being *** :grin

it looks like someone is letting us get to him.. or her, or it. what exactly are you anyway? :x

but keep crying big baby, it's pretty funny :cry

and how have the therapy sessions been going big guy? I mean girl. any breakthroughs as to why you're insane yet or are you too busy drawing smiley faces for the therapist? :) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x

it's okay. these things take time. they aren't miracle workers but I sure hope they help you soon because it's not showing yet. :roll


yeah, you and about a million other people have made that suggestion. including myself but it's pointless to complain about.

it's just as annoying as the government not taking us out of this bad economy.

point is, shop at Walmart for low prices. shop elsewhere for better service.



So I have no common sense because I know where to shop to where I avoid lines and waiting and get helpful service? I also wasn't aware I was comparing stores and their sales. I was simply making a suggestion.


Hey, just stating the facts, the reason that she does not have to wait long in Home Depot is because Walmart gets more customers. As Ihatestupidcustomers said, it is like the difference in attendance between a little league game and a major league baseball game.


Jedi - SON. You even know who makes the most money in the business world.


Is there anything you don't know?


I personally don't think so. :grin :grin


Exactly, Walmart gets more business than Home Depot.


aww, poor baby! you had to walk back to your car.

did you have to load your own bags into your car too? poor thing. I wish Walmart would have more cashiers too but they have low prices. so basically, stop being a whiny b**tch or spend more at another store.

and Alexa, it seems like you have no common sense. Home Depot is nowhere near as busy as Walmart. that's like comparing the amount of people at a little league baseball game to a Major League baseball game.

so of course you get in and out faster. and of course employees are faster at helping you, mainly because they don't have 3 customers following them trying to also ask for help.


If I may refresh everyone's memory about "Rose Bain"'s original post on the matter:

"I just returned from Wal Mart to buy a spsrinker. I found exactly what I wanted and got ready to check out and both lanes in Lawn & Garden were closed (no checker) - I had to walk clear in store to check out and walk back to lawn and garden to get to my car.

There were only 2 or 3 checkers inside. It is ridiculous!

With all of the lanes you have why can't you hire more checkers so we don't have to stand in line for 30 minutes. I avoid Wal Mart as much as possible because of this!!!!"

And my original response: He probably did spend thirty minutes at the checkout - three minutes in line and 27 minutes for the staff to figure out what the He11 a "spsrinker" was.


Yet if they hire more cashiers they would have to raise the prices, then you would complain about that.


I completely agree. I've often wondered myself on why they don't get more cashiers if they have all of these registers.

What is even worse is that they see the long lines and don't care! Home Depot has a much better garden center and even though the prices are higher, at least you feel welcome being there and know you won't wait in line for thirty minutes to buy one item.