Old Bridge Township, New Jersey

I went to your store in Old Bridge today and selected to buy a video camera, digital media cards and some groceries for about $300. At the till I showed the cashier an AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELLERS CHEQUE for $500 and she told me to sign it after I showed her my Driver's Licence. The cashier then called a black lady called Maria who came forward and told me that an American Express Travellers cheque is not acceptable.

I offered to show her my South African Passport and ID but she refused to listen and said that they do not take cheques in the amount of $500 – and that she only allows a $50 cheque! Telling her that I have already "˜made-out' the cheque to WALMART and signed it with the permission of the cashier, and that the cheque was now spoiled, made no difference. When I made a request to please speak to the manager, she said that she is the manager and that she makes the rules.

After spending more than a hour selecting what I wanted to buy, I had to leave your store feeling like a criminal with people staring at me.

In South Africa I was told that as a tourist in your country, AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELLERS CHEQUES will be excepted everywhere in the USA! – I will have to inform their Head Office that it is unfortunately NOT the case with WALMART.

A very disappointed customer.

Gerhard Odendaal

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I am from the UK and have been going to Orlando for my annual holiday for the last 16 years. Always shopped in Walmarts and they have always accepted my Travellers cheques - until this year!!

Where there was even a notice up saying they are not accepted. Manager refused to tell me why. Told her, she is losing business, as after 16 years of spending around $1,500 in total per year during my 4 week holiday there each year - I will no longer and another store will get my business.

She did not seem that bothered.

This was July 12 - August 14, 2014


As a tourist, you should be made aware that here in a free country, business can decide what checks they will and won't take.


Hi, Just a clarification. American Express do make Travelers Cheques for $500.

I got them recently, and even used them.


That's funny. American Express does not issue traveler's check in the amount of 500 dollars.

I know that because a 500 dollar American Express traveler's check was accepted in the store I work for, and representatives of American Express contacted the store and informed us that those checks are fraudulent. hmm...

how is it that you had a 500 dollar AE traveler's check when they don't even make them? and you wonder why you felt like a criminal.


Check your facts! They DO make TC in $500

Available Denominations

$20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000

If the travellers cheques are for 2 people i.e.

two people have to sign them, then no they dont do a $500 or $1,000, but if only one signature required they do.

The one that was fraudulent in the store you work for, probably was a fraudulent one. Not because of the value though.



I used to have the same problems in the past. What you need to do is go to a bank that cashes the checks and get it cashed. Citi Bank does it for free but not all banks in the Us do.