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I was on Fortune.com today and saw that Walmart is number "ONE" on their list. This is what I also observed, "Walmart stayed on top as its sales crept closer to half-a-trillion dollars."

As a Walmart employee, I am somewhat disturbed by this news.

I never met Sam Walton but, I believe that he was a man of integrity. This is Walmart's second year on the top of the list; you mean to tell me that this giant of industry cannot pay its employees above minimum wage, or $10.10 at best and still generate a profit? Maybe the corporate guys and girls are working at your local store but, I have never seen one of them on the register at the store where I work. So, why is it that I cannot share in some of the profit that the company is making?

They just had a big associates shareholders meeting. But, the employee had to pay his or her own way and they had a concert. I know if they had a big name act to perform that was some millions of dollars for the act alone, not to mention, cost for the venue and the week long event. I believe that the corporate executives of Walmart should go back and review the culture of Walmart video.

I looked at it again and the gentleman stated, that knowledge of your customer and having the necessary resources available to make your business go are the bricks but, "It was the culture of the company that "was" the mortar that held it all together. I put an emphasis on "was" because that may have been the culture then but, now it "is" not bottom up but, top down. As long as the top heads are making the money, the bottom down employees should just be glad to have a job.

Until, we the employees do something about the situation, it will never change. Or, maybe one of the corporate heads will read this and a conversation on change will begin.

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Findlay, Ohio, United States #824327

First of all, I make $8.25 over minimum wage in my state at Walmart. Also, I went to the shareholders meeting and did not have to pay my own way.

The company paid for transportation, my room, everything and I got paid my hourly wages while I was there.

If you are so unhappy with your job at Walmart and what you get paid there, may I suggest you find another job? I'm not supporting everything the company does, but I don't know why someone would stay at a job they feel they need to go online to complain about.

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