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Always the brush off with customer service. Tried purchasing nutritional items today at two locations wit EBT and denied.

It's an acceptable food item. Just purchased it last week. Customer service will not tell me why the store changed its coding to a pharmacy item. It's not supplemental nutrition which is against ebt purchase.

I'm very upset and keep getting passed off.

I can get a week of food and get weight down for my diabetes problem. That would also save money on health insurance!!!

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Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #1231462

Call the EBT office and find out. They are the ones who determine what is eligible and what is not.

Houston, Texas, United States #1231269

Then go to the pharmacy and ask them why.

to Anonymous Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1231557

Agree. Go there and ask them.

Find out if it's that important to you.

If it turns out they changed some policy/rule/whatever, then you'll need to decide your next steps, such as purchase it without the EBT card (i.e. on your own dime), or maybe speak to a nutritiionist to learn more healthier eatting habits that help with your sugar/weight/etc.

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