Piedmont, South Carolina
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I went to buy a $200 appliance. No one to help when i couldnt find it on the shelf.

I walked to electronics and had someone paged to small appliances. The girl just came and said they got a truck in and they put it out at 10'oclock pm. I wasnt waiting that long and she wouldnt go che k to see if they had one. I walked to the front of the store and asked the cashier to page a manager.

The manager came and the cashier told her i wanted to speak with her. The MANAGER walked right past me to speak to another coworker. She didnt even acknowlege me standing there. I told the cashier they lost my sale and i walked out the door.

I went next door to KOHLS and they got my sale.

That staff was courteous and friendly and very helpful and that store got my sale. Granted one missed sale probably wont hurt walmart but from now on i will go to KOHLS first!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe your don't know this since you seem pretty ignorant, but if it just came in on the truck, it does take time to break the merchandise down. When walmart gets a truck, it is an entire trailer jammed packed with merchandise.

It is then unloaded onto pallets by department before it is taken to the floor to be stocked, so depending on what time they got their truck and what part of the process they were on, they probably could not just saunter on back and retrieve the item. Also, sometimes when things are scheduled to come in on the truck they never get loaded on and won't be received until the following truck arrives, so once again they would have to wait until everything is broken down to see if the item was delivered. The receiving area is generally blocked off to other associates while a truck is being unloaded as well for safety reasons. So it wasn't a matter of she wouldn't go check, she probably knew the truck want unloaded yet, but would be by 10pm, which she told you.

Also, the manager was probably trying to find out who he was supposed to be talking to.

There were probably a lot of customers at the front, so he approached the associate to see who needed to speak with him. Next time you go out in public please show some patience and realize there are other things going on that don't revolve around you.


The reason people think the world revolves around them is because their parents spoil them and never tell them "no". When they are in the wrong they side with the child against police officers, teachers, ect.

The child then gets a holier than thou attitude and thinks the world owes them. That they should get what they want, when they want, how they want every single time.


I doubt they care about $200. The cashier was very polite to you, yet you were rude to her. They won't miss someone who is impatient and cannot wait his turn.


I like how people call adult women girls when they cannot use simple grammar.