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Wal-Mart of Troy Alabama has a bunch of rude cashiers. I went to Wal-Mart to finish my daughter's birthday shopping for her party next weekend.

I have never experienced so many unnecessarily rude people in one organization. First I went to the bakery to order the cake, and the cashier had an obvious attitude. I was asking her to speak up because I couldn't hear her over all the fans and she refused. She rolled her eyes at me.

She looked at me funny when I told her what colors I wanted on my cake and laughed. When I told her my daughter's name she laughed at me. I then went to the self-check out to pay for the 1.50 plates that I bought as well as the napkins. I had a problem with the self-check out because it was not ringing up my merchandise (unbeknownst to me) so the self-checkout watcher came to assist me and I was explaining to her that I didn't know why the double weight sign was flashing.

She said because you didn't ring it up. I said I did. She said look sweetie if you did ring it up then it wouldn't say that, she asked me if I could count. Right there I was offended because I can in fact count, probably better than her since I have BA in Management from Troy University and I work for the State of Alabama for the past five years.

Well needless to say that her and I had words. I continued my journey through this terribly staffed Wal-Mart to purchase balloons from the customer service. Once I picked my balloons and paid for them through the last cashier. I told her to have a good night, she said nothing.

I thought maybe she didn't hear me so I said it again louder, she said nothing. The part of this visit that really aggravated me was the fact that the self-checkout watcher basically accused me of stealing $1.50 plates, I am not a thief and I don't see how an employee of Wal-Mart can accentuate that I am one. I was truly upset by the way I was treated at this Wal-Mart. Needless to say that I will not frequent here again.

I just moved to Troy from Montgomery, and I have never been treated like this ANYWHERE.

I will drive to Enterprise on the weekends or do my shopping in Montgomery before I come home, rather than go here. Too many attitudes and not enough customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Troy, Alabama, United States #919278

Please do not say you have a degree of any kind from Troy. Your spelling and grammar are embarrassing.

However, the attitudes toward you are inexcusable.

to Anonymous #919452

I agree for someone who claims to have a BA, her grammar is horrible. So is her attitude.

Sounds to me more like some uneducated child than someone with a BA.


it's wal-mart,what do you expect??


Gee, bad service at such an upscale store as WalMart? I don't believe it!!!

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