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i called to speak to someone in the electronics department which took 6 call returns to the operator and about 24 minutes of being put on hold. it then took less than 30 seconds for a woman by the name of Ionnie to interrupt me in the middle of my sentence to tell me that they don't have the product that i wasn't even able to finish telling her that i needed.

Then as i asked to talk to someone else a man by the name Hector answered explaining to me that they have a whole bunch of other products that i don't need. i asked if he could at least check because i had been on hold for 25 minutes and that id really appreciate it, if he could please just humor me and check. That is when he was telling me that they don't sell it; as i was thanking him for at least checking he so rudely said, "yeah" and hung up before i could finish my sentence.

Have worked in retail such as Target i can completely understand how not answering the phones can be very easy especially when you have tons of people needing your help. However the guest service i was presented with, i not only feel but strongly believe is unacceptable by any means!

Not only was it slow, your employees wrote me off before i could even explain or finish telling them what i needed.

Not to mention being on hold for 27mins:08sec then having Hector Hang up on me. If this is happening to me, what makes the store manager or even the District manager think it's not happening to other costumers, turning them off from shopping at the Walmart in SJ, CA off Story rd aswell?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Pissed, Poor customer service.

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Not having a product in stock is not the same as being rude. They already have computers to tell then what is in stock and what isn't.

Checking is not only wasting your time, but their time and the normal customers that they have to deal with. Let me guess what you needed the new Star Wars movie?