Went to honda dealer n called around a few other they all charge $50 for full synthetic oil change on my accord. Since I always go to walmart for my oil changes, I decided to take my new accord to Walmart n dey wanted to charge me $70 for same oil change.

I told the cashier honda dealers charged $45-$50 so now match it they stayed quite n said u know the commercial is not true.

So even the employees know THAT Walmart is lien about matching other competitor 's price. I just jut say laughed n walked away hahaha

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Anytime anyone has a complaint about Walmart or their associates call the 1-800 number. Walmart management and associates do not like getting bad feedback through corporate.

It is true Walmart hires ignorant employees like LadyScot.

Walmart not only wants you for a customer they NEED you!


Y'know, it's called *AD* match. That is, if you have an *AD* from the paper stating an exact price (ie.

not "$5 off!" but rather "$28.99"), they'll match it.

You can't just say another store only sells it for this price without showing them proof, because unless they have a copy of the actual ad in front of them, they can easily assume you're lying. Because that's what spoiled people like you do.