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I've really prayed about what I am doing at this moment. As everyone know my car has been down since Monday, May 23rd, 2016.

As everyone also knows, my car was in perfect mechanical condition up until that date. Robert had a evening off from work and he took it to Walmart in Elizabethton to have the oil changed. He figured it was a good idea to get it done, especially knowing how busy with work, Montana's graduation and the girls doing some dance stuff at ASU that I was going to be. He left Walmart that evening and headed home.

There were no stops, between there and here. He made it just outside of Roan Mountain, the oil light started flashing, my car stalled out and would not start back. Before he even called me, he called Walmart, and service manager was very "snippy". He called me, and I thought he was joking, because to be honest,this car has ran at 100 percent since February when I bought it.

Mechanically it has been probably the most solid car I have ever owned. Unfortunately, he was not joking. I picked him, and the following morning Chrysler sent someone to pick my car up from Roan Mountain so that they could figure out what was wrong. Finally, as of last Friday, they figured out that motor is locked.

We have made numerous attempts to get in touch with the store manager at this particular Walmart. None of our phone calls get returned. This morning the service manager returned my husband's call and simply stated that they were not responsible at all. It is going to cost $5200.00 to fix my car.

That is for a used Flex Fuel motor in my car, or to have my motor rebuilt. Chrysler believes it is Walmart's mistake and told us of other incident that they were aware of, albeit not as serious as ours. Cars that are running perfect do not simply go from perfect to having to have a rebuilt motor in less than 20 miles. Simply put no one, not one mechanic that we have talked to believes that this is owner error.

5 people were in my car as passengers the days before this, Walmart service people even started it and would be able to state the soundness of my car. They would not have changed the oil if there would have been any issues at all. I've went without my car now for over a week, having to ask my friends, family and everyone else to get me to and from work, help with getting Montana where he needs to be, and here we are with graduation and I am at everyone else's mercy. We are back to being a one car family again.

I don't want to have to get an attorney involved, but under the circumstances I have no other options. I have to have a car and soon, and now I am looking at having to get a rental. I've known this since this last Friday, but no one can believe that Walmart will not make things right. So friends and family I'm parking this post here as a warning.

Robert and I don't have that kinda of money, I work part time at the YMCA, Robert pays our bills, we have three kids, and I'm still in college. Please do not go to Walmart for even a simple oil change, it may be the cheaper option, but as you see in mine it has costed us a lot all ready. Now to talk to the news outlets, and Walmart Corporate.

If they were to make things right, I will be sure to update you guys promptly. In the mean time please just keep praying for us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Cons: Car being destroyed, Run around im getting, Customer support, Oil change.

  • Bad Oil Change
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