I went into Walmart to get my oil changed, only because it was a conveinance to me since it was winter time, or else I would have done it myself.  I came back out got in my truck, and immediately figured out there was very low oil pressure in my engine, so I checked the oil, it was full so I looked at the filter, it was a new filter, hmmm weird.  I go to leave and the oil light comes on, so I shut off the engine and go back in and inquire about my problem, they told me that "were not mechanics, and we cant help you"     I finally go outside and recheck everything myself in the dead of winter and cant seem to find any problem. weird....    SO I go in and buy a oil filter wrench that broke as soon as I tried to use it, ( the fram jaw type ).

They wouldnt replace it, so I borrowed one from a nice gentleman in the parkin lot.  I Immediately discovered the problem once the filter that they just put on was taken off, Their was a piece of plastic on the top of the filter, a peel off kind of plastic that wasnt peeled off, but rather crammed down in the filter and that was stoppin up the filter.  I was pissed, so I went back and showed them the problem, and they said " how do we know that is the filter we just put on ?" I said, where in the *** else did I get it from ? Yall threw the old one away. The man insisted that I was a liar, so I asked him to come to my truck where the filter is taken off at, he comes out to the truck and says, "oh" , I asked him to replace the whole filter, he claimed that he couldnt do that, but instead pulled out a pocket knife to pick the plastic out of the filter I just had removed, I DONT THINK SO,,,HES STABBING THE FILTER AND MAKING IT USELESS FROM THE INSIDE OUT !!!  I demanded a new filter, he tells me " *** off", REALLY? So I knocked the *** outta him and went and got a manager, the manager agreed that he should have made the situation right, and advised me not to touch associates, however he did let me know that even he don't like this tech "he has an attitude problem", but "Since I didn't see nothing you are okay" .

Okay sir, so can I get my new filter now? He says yes you can, and tells me to walk with him to the automotive service center, we walk there, and he tells the other tech guy to look up my truck and give me another filter while we step inside.The manager and I go inside, he gives me a full refund,,,OKAY COOL THANK YOU !!! When I go back outside to get the new oil fiter, the tech had got in my truck, and drove it into the bay, WITH NO OIL FILTER ON IT !!! AND A HUGE STREAK OF OIL ACROSS THE PARKIN LOT.

What the *** ??? he slaps on the new filter, but now all my new oil has been pumped out by the engine while driving it into the service bay without an oil filter !!! I WAS PISSED,,,I Called the police, but they said its a civil matter and couldn't do nothing. I had to buy another 5 quarts of oil just to get out of that *** hole.

I put in the oil, start my truck and theres a new sound from the engine, a clickin and tickin sound, I thought it was the lifters, NO a week later my truck loses oil pressure again, and starts knockin like a jack hammer !!! Smoke everywhere. Big racket under the hood. Come to find out,,its Walmart's fault , because what they did caused my engine to spin out a rod bearing for the piston connecting rod, which is what all the tickin and clickin was coming from, not the lifters.

when that spun out and cupped out to nothing it broke the rod cap and caused my engine to throw the rod through the side of my engine block, which essentially destroyed my engine !!!

What is walmarts solution ? Mr. White, We'll give you your next 3 oil changes for free.

Laugh my *** off, I DONT THINK SO !!! NOT AGAIN !!! This dumbassary cost me $ 2,476 for a new crate engine from Chevrolet.


Walmart, beware I will get my $2500, and then some for this

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Destroyed my engine.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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another thing to this story sounds like you left parts out. ive NEVER heard of any GM engine give out thay quick from not having oil in it.

i had an engine i drove for 20 miles with no oil and in it and finally *** out. sounds like you were already due for a rebuild.


im sorry this *** happened to you. i had a spun bearing in my last bbc.

now i got a low mileage rv 454 motor for $0,550.

yea walmart didnt cost you 2400, YOU decided to buy some inflated o erpriced block. CL has bbc all day for the price i got mine for.


Either this happened before this time of the year or it didn't happen at all. It isn't in the dead of winter.

It isn't even October yet. It's not even winter in the southern hemisphere!


Oh God! What a shame.


I take it you're wondering if anyone was going to pick up on the fact that it happened in winter? Dead of winter to be exact.


I saw that too, but here in Ontario it was hot today, does not help that the video arcade in the mall is even hotter than the outside temperature.

First B

That is unfortunately what you get when you go to get your oil changed in the same place where you buy your groceries, the person working in that department probably does not know WTF he or she is doing, and if that person is not there they will get a cashier or someone else to cover it. "What you don't know anything about cars, well just cover it anyway okay"


I am sorry that it happened. I haven't heard many good things about some of the auto care centers.

Not saying all Walmarts are like that at all. I usually just take mine to the car dealer that I got my car from.