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Every 3 months I was getting an oil change from Walmart because the prices were great. I also came because the services were great, at least I thought that until after May 2016 on my last and final oil change.

On the day I got the oil change, I was initially told that it would take 30 to 45 minutes, as it was the times before. So 45 minutes turned into 2 plus hours because they were training someone using my vehicle, which was a red flag, but I figured, what could go wrong. Boy was I wrong, not only did my car start to leak oil, when it NEVER did before, I started to have to carry spare oil because it completely leaks out. So of course I returned to Walmart to purchase oil.

Before purchasing oil, my fiance spoke with the automotive department. Who initially said I did not come there in May. Then about 30 minutes later a store rep finds the paperwork and tells me that my car had a huge oil leak before they worked on my car. If that was the case, why was that discovery just told to me when I came to complain about what happened.

I just want to say, Thank You Walmart for messing up my 03 Infiniti, that I NEVER had problems with until I got this last oil change from your awesome establishment. In the 4 times I had the oil changed there, no one ever reported an oil leak. That magically appeared on the paperwork the agent found. My oil had such a huge leak in it that your agents were *** enough to complete the oil change and NEVER informing me of it.

Im complaining about this now because I am now figuring out that I am going to have to pay a *** of a lot more because you all hired incompetent people and destroyed my car, that was in good enough condition to upgrade. So thank you sooo much Wal-Mart. You and greedy corporate big heads should be ashamed. I already stopped getting my oil changed with ur fine establiment, now it is time for all of my money to go somewhere else.

And I will spread the word to my social media family and friends. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm so sorry. That's why I get mine done at the car lot that I got my vehicle from, which is Danny Beck Chevrolet.

I understand that some people are new to stuff and that some learn better by trial and error. But they should have told you.