Westminster, California
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Tire lube center opens at 8am.

Arrived before that, 3rd in line, two in front for oil, me for 4 tires. Guys spends 30 minutes moving tires out of bays for oil and tire work.

They check in first two and a third person for oil who arrived after me. Then he comes to me at 835 to tell me its at least 3 hours wait...WTF??? He says two guys didnt show up....losers at walmart, what was i thinking.

Drove over to american tire, who had three happy employees and got my tires ready, car up on rack in 10 minutes! Great customer service....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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First of all start by pissed off at your cuz u made the choice not the so called loosers at ealmart as u put it. Aftet all life is all about choices and neing able t o handle whatever goes along with the those choices.


First of all who the *** to call anyone a looser they r thrre to work not to cater to inpatient people who think the world revoles around them sounds like your the looser to me


This is WalMart. Not sure why you or anyone would actually purchase tires from WalMart anyway.

Apparently, tires sold by WalMart, while they are name-brand are made to WalMart specs and that's the reason they are somewhat cheaper there---and, of course cheaper-made. Best to buy tires elsewhere.