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My sister and I went to the WalMart car center about a week ago in Shelby, NC to get her oil changed in her car. She was going to purchase the $50 oil change which included a lot of extras.

We were told it would be about an hour but about 15 minutes later we were called over the store intercom. When we arrived back in the car section we were told that they could not change the oil in her car because of the oil plug. The man claimed that he could only twist the oil plug twice and it would tighten back up and if he took it out it would strip the plug and he didn't have the tools to fix it. He sent us down the road to Tire Kingdom.

The man at Tire Kingdom said that he would have to take the plug out no matter what in order to change the oil and one of two things was going to happen - either the oil plug would strip which would cost $10 to replace or the oil pan would strip which would cost $250 to replace and it was one of those things you can't determine until you do it.

Upset and dismayed we took the car home without an oil change. Two days later my father took it to a local mechanic who changed the oil without a problem, no stripping of the oil plug or pan and the oil plug didn't tighten back up after two twists.

The end story was that WalMart gave us the wrong information and was just too lazy to change the oil in the car or it was too hard for them one.

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