Tucson, Arizona
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The wife was checking out at the self checkout and accidentally dropped a item into the bag, and they acused her of steeling, they questioned her and treated her like a hard criminal, and she offered to pay for the item but they refused her the option. She's is now being charged 500.00 for a 40.00 item.

When you go to this Walmart watch your back they are looking to make money anyway they can.

Don't think we will be shopping at Walmart any more. We run a business right up the street from them and give a lot of business to them every week.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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How does one "accidently" drop a $40.00 item into a bag unknowingly???? How?

They don't! Your wife was trying to steal, got caught and tried to avoid being charged for shoplifting by offering to then pay for the item. It doesn't work like that. Complaining about it on a general complaint sight to try to make your story more believable doesn't work either.

Try paying for the things you want/need like everyone else. Also, you say you both will no longer be shopping at Walmart?

I don't call that shopping sir. Its called shoplifting and I'm sure Walmart won't mind if you take your business elsewhere.

First B

They were using self checkouts sometimes they forget to scan a product and place it in the bag. Or people claim that is what happened.

We used to have self checkouts one of the stores close to where I live but they got rid of them because it was in a bad neighbourhood and people were doing exactly what the wife was doing. One mother was even caught doing this and slapped and blamed her child when caught. I am not saying she did it on purpose. If it was an accident they should have informed her she did not pay for the $40 item.

But there are other things to consider, like how many times she made this mistake.

How she was acting and *** like that. We do not know the whole story here.

First B

However don't they ban you from the store if you are caught shoplifting. So the while my wife and I will not be back does not work because they are already banned.


I bet this is not the first time that the wife "accidentally" put unpaid for merchandise in her bag. Just the first time she got caught. She would have to do it for a while and have them suspicious of her.


So you control freak, why aren't you letting your poor little mistreated wife do her own complaining?


Because the wife is three year old. I have reported this post to the police with concerns about a grown man being married to a three year old that is just sick and wrong.

Then again perhaps he is a control freak like you said and beats his wife. Either way this is not the first time the wife "accidentally" put an unpaid item in her bag. I am sure she had several times when she "accidentally" placed unpaid merchandise in her pocket, purse, bag, this is the first time she got caught "accidentally stealing. They were on to her, the husband is just upset that she got caught.

They won't be missed.

Stores generally don't like thieves. I wonder if there are other stores where the wife "accidentally" took things out of the store without paying for them if you get what I mean.