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Update by user Feb 05, 2018

Consider this: after the initial complaint and comments ... not one word from WALMART.

I am imagining a person in the corporate office thinking: "Reply?

Hmmm. We don't have to!"

Original review posted by user Jan 27, 2018

Walmart business model allows second tier vendors to sell through Walmart On-Line. There is no clear explanation on the site that explains that WALMART holds itself not responsible for assuring those items are returnable.

When I called customer service I was referred to the vendors. After at least five calls to customer service, this was the outcome: One vendor (Fralosha Knitting) simply never answers the phone. Another Vendor (Zeckos) first said I had to send the $28.00 item back for a refund. The UPS shipping cost, $25.00.

When I contacted that vendor a second time, I was told they would send be a label that would cost me $18.00. Below is a letter letter with all the details. I hope to share this frustrating and untenable experience so other will not be drawn in and then disappointed. My take away: Buyer beware.

If you Buy anything on WALMART ON-LINE it is likely not returnable. Here is the letter: Walmart On-Line shoppers beware- Purchased items Un-returnable I thought I would purchase a couple of on-line items from WALMART on-line this Christmas. Item 1: Adaptor, 2-in-one lightening for iPhone 7 plus - cost $12.69 (Order #6181783-256808) When I attempted to use the item, My iPhone 7 buzzed and flashed a message that the adaptor is incompatible with the device. 1.

I called and was told to contact the supplier direct (Fralosha knitting 347-826-0979) 2. I called the company a number of times over a number of days and no one ever answers and there is no way to leave a message. 3. I called and they tried to contact the company and they were unsuccessful.

Asked me to call the supplier the next Monday. 4. Called again - I was told they would “escalate the issue” I should watch email. Received message saying I received 10 cents credit.

5. Called again – I was told they would “escalate the issue” I should watch email. Received message saying I received 10 cents credit. 6.

Called again - I was told they would “escalate the issue” 7. Now I am waiting for the next email probable another 10 cent credit. 8. Determination: Item Un-returnable Item2: Tagine ceramic cookware – cost $27.60 (Order #6041767-755132) Recipient did not want the Christmas gift. said I had to call the supplier ‘Zeckos.’ The on-line return instructions are very specific about original packaging, no damage, ability to resell item etc. I called the supplier, and said I wanted to return the item and they provided an address. I took the item to UPS and found it would cost me $25.00 to get the item back to the supplier..

Doing the numbers: $27.60 Tagine 2.1 qt. ceramic cookware $18.00 required by vendor for shipping label Determination: Item Un-returnable

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Marketplace.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: I gave the cooker to someone who needed it and I still have the adapter.

Walmart Cons: Lack of corporate accountability, Inability to speak to anyone other than call-center workers, No clearly stated caution to buyers.

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Is it your life's work to point the finger of blame and blame the customer?These companies sell through the Walmart site and there is responsibility to address wrongdoing that provides some profit for Walmart and injures the consumer... and cost is not a relevant consideration in the resolution of a moral issue.Your comment would lead me to believe that you work for the corporation?


You do realize this is not a Walmart site don't you? Why should they reply?

If you had shopped more carefully you would have realized the order was being fulfilled by a 3rd party and that Walmart return policies don't apply to 3rd parties.

Let this be a lesson in on-line shopping. At least it didn't cost you hundreds of dollars to learn it.




Merchandise purchased from a Marketplace seller on cannot be returned to a store or to ....Always read the return policy when purchasing anything online


Reading the Walmart return policy simply does not give you information about the problems you will encounter when you try to return an item and have to depend on the secondary vendor. There is an assumption at Walmart would stand for customer satisfaction and ensure that items could be easily and completely returnable. That simply is not the case and online customers should be told up-front that what they buy may not be returnable or maybe so costly to return that the action would be impractical.


Most of us know what happens when you assume things.


Here’s a novel idea. Spend your money locally so can do returns.

Stop shopping online as it’s a stink hole of deceit, one of those weird areas where you ppl will give out your banking info over a picture. Just saying you guys are putting more trust into a process that doesn’t even allow you to touch said item until it’s too late to take it back.


Online retailers should be better at letting customers know an item online isn't being sold by them and that their return policy doesn't apply. Half the time you have to read carefully to see if a product is fulfilled by Amazon/Walmart or another company that sells items on their site. I don't shop at Walmart but Amazon is similar and I avoid buying anything that is sold by another party on their site.


It says right on the listing in bold blue letters!

Sold by: ___________

How could it be any clearer?


A “sold by” notice has nothing to do with return policies. It is reasonable to think that a company as big as Walmart would ensure that items should be returnable ... regardless of the vendor.


Yes it does say who the vendor is, but the vendor site looks like Wal-Mart site. Should be obvious for all people that you are not ordering from Wal-Mart. Ale it different...


The procedures for returns should be clearly stated on the on-line sales page with the price. This business model ensures that everyone who purchases an item that is not easily returnable is a profit point for Walmart.

The consumer may never again order from WALMART on line but the damage is done. Consider WALMART unable to deal with a vendor who simply does not answer a phone call ensuring that there are no returns possible.


Walmart online appears to be a rather shady business model that people should avoid. A much better model is


Amazon isn't any different. There are purchases that are fulfilled by Amazon and their returns are simple. When filled by a 3rd party you have to check their return policies, just like walmart.


Amazon is the same thing, {{redacted}}.