Saint Joseph, Missouri
Not resolved

I waited, just like everyone else, for the TV and Bluray player that Walmart was offering. I received the guarantee, like others.

Came home to register the cards that night, only to find the site was experiencing issues. Around 1am, I was able to access the site. However, it was a very generic site, that didn't look very professionally done. However, I entered the information and when completed, I received "Thanks for your submission".

Something didn't feel right, so I checked the balance on the cards and the $148 and $38 prices were removed from the card totals, but the taxes were not. I called customer service. The girl I spoke to, Mariah, couldn't really answer any of my questions other than to tell me I should receive an e-mail Monday. Monday's here and no e-mail.

Called customer service and spoke to Ashley, who went out of her way to help me. She spoke to a supervisor who basically told her that I should receive an e-mail sometime tomorrow. And if I don't, I have to call back and we'll go from there. My complaint is that Walmart doesn't have their *** together and no one seems to know what is going on.

They put their associates in the line of fire from angry customers.

Truth is that the managers and ones in charge need to be held accountable and need to provide better customer service. It's been a horrible experience!

Monetary Loss: $186.

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