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I bought two packages of Hanes Tees for men and upon receipt, realized I needed to return them as they were damaged. I got online, and proceeded the return process which involved filling out a form for the item, indicating it was damaged and printing out a label from the store. I packaged it in the original box, including a note to Walmart the reason for the return of the two packages, affixed the label with my return address and sent it back through Fed Ex. So far, so good.

A month later, my credit was for one package only so I called an spoke to someone in customer service. I told the rep that I had sent back two packages with a note, etc., but had only received credit for one package. This rep then told me the most ridiculous and outlandish thing: I have to lol as I write this because he was totally serious. Here is what he said: "Maam, the reason you only got credited for one package is because you only put ONE label on the box. You needed to put two labels on the box for two items. I asked again as I thought I was hearing things. He said, yes, I am sure. So, I then asked, well what if it were 4 items, would I need four labels: His answer: yes 4 labels. Finally, thinking I had him, I said, well what if there were 7 items (a box only has six sides right?) ... would I need 7 labels and the answer was ... her started a bit and finally said "yes, 7 labels. I told him I found it hard to undertand and asked to speak to a Supervisor to confirm this. He disconnected me. Okay, almost an hour lost here between waiting time and talking time. And I was ready to give up. But, no, I called the next day and immediately said I would like to speak to a Supervisor as I have a complicated problem. And another long wait ... at this point, I am willing to just take the loss, but I am too angry. Finally, I get a nice young man on the phone who tells me that of course, only one label and how I should have reported the other person, yada, yada. I never did report him and I still do not know if I will get my credit for the other item. Oh well. I am done with shopping Walmart. Really done.

Hope a few of you got a laugh out of this. I told a couple of friends who said that that guy was just "kidding", but folks, he wasn't. And if he was, he should have lost his job for it. Either way, incompetence reigns supreme at Walmart.

They pay their employees very poor wages and provide no medical insurance, so it is any wonder?

Thanks for reading.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Prices.

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I don't know where people get the idea that walmart doesn't provide health insurance. I worked there for the years when I was in a transitional period and had to have kidney surgery while I worked there.

I only paid $150.00...for kidney surgery! Because I actually had really good health insurance.


Another snob who gets off on insulting people they don't know. Why you thought it was so hilarious is beyond me. What a *** you are.