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I ordered bikes for my grand kids online for pick up at store. I received a confirmation indicating one of the bikes had arrived at the store on Tuesday December 16 and would be available on Wednesday December 17, but to wait for a pick up confirmation.

I waited until Friday December 19 and then called the store. I was placed on hold 5 times and each time was disconnected. I called again and asked to speak to a Manager, I was put on hold again and hung up on again. I called the online customer service and explained my frustration they indicated my options were to cancel the order and start over or to escalate the issue and wait 24-48 hours for a response.

I chose to escalate. He also suggested I go to the store directly to try to resolve. I told him I am not in the same state. He suggested I call them as if I had not already explained I called 6 times, sat on hold and got disconnected each time.

It is now December 21 and I received an email indicating the order had been canceled as the item is not available. I called the online customer service number and asked how this is possible since I received confirmation that the bike had been delivered to the store. They indicated that the item was likely lost at the store. I asked how I can order another one online and ensure it is actually at the store.

He indicated that several customers had been calling in indicating they ordered items online that were available at the store; when in fact they were not available at all. He said Walmart needs to get a better system in place cause that ones not working and that I should call the store to confirm availability. (You work for them?) Now running out of time, I ordered a second bike to replace the first one. I immediately called the store and spoke to a Manager to explain what had taken place and to confirm if the new bike was or was not available.

He asked for my number and said he'd call me back in 15-20 minutes. That was 2 hours ago. I tried calling again, automated hold and hang up. Really Walmart!

Each call to online Customer Service took 30 minutes and each call to store took 10 minutes. I have spent at least 3 hours on the phone, mostly on hold, and I still don't have confirmation on a bike for my grandson for Christmas!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #919249

I don't know what the problem is,but not only walmart, but the post office and fed ex are having an unusual amt. Of difficulties this season.

My one hr . garentee for a 50 " tv has not come in either like they promised and here it is getting really close to Christmas. They promised by mid Dec. They don't even apologize for the delay.

Evidently Walmart has gotten so big that they forgot what customer service is. If anyone else is having these problems please email me at prettyspecialklady@gmail.com

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