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as a housebound, impoverished, disabled person i have been subsisting on groceries, (and everything else), mostly from walmart for the last couple of years. grocery items are frequently out of stock, sometimes for several months, but this month; 12/2014, is the worst i have ever seen.

literally hundreds of food items were 'out of stock' for online shopping. i went thru hundreds of pages on the website trying to buy my monthly food but after over an hour i had to give up. i do have pretty full cupboards but not enough for the winter. maybe the parasitic walton family, who have more wealth than the bottom 40% of americans, decided the christmas glut of consumeristic idiocy was a good enough reason to fill their warehouses with toxic ***, ( instead of food), from china that the republicult outsourced our economy to.

i noticed that the predictable massive generic drug price increases have hit since the republicult helped china take over nearly all pharmaceutical production.

leave it to the death-for-profit republicult and corpocracy to destroy the planet and soon annihilate humanity for their self-idolotrous, short-sighted greed. wage slaves unite before it's too late!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: hundreds of food items out of stock.

Preferred solution: reliable stocking of life necessities .

I liked: Damaged items replaced quickly.

I didn't like: Too many foods out of stock.

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Reading your bogus complaint gave me a headache. We all learn in kindergarten that when you start sentences, they need to be capitalized.

Judging from the way you wrote this, I'm not sure you even made it past kindergarten. It looks like a 5 year old wrote this.


Oh quit whining and playing the disabled card. I know people that are housebound that have somebody go to the store to shop for them.

You must know somebody that can do that for you and in that case your groceries could be purchased wherever they are the cheapest. Myself I haven't noticed that many healthy foods that can be ordered on the WalMart web site that can be ordered online.

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