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I went to Walmart Online to order a new Smart Phone, Smart phnoe Case and a Pe-Paid Straight Talk Calling card. I chose to use my Bill Me Later Credit.

After placing the order, I received an e-mail stating that WalMart was unable to process and the order was cancelled. I had already checked with Bill me Later and I was okay and approved for the total amount. I sent an e-mail to WalMart asking what the problem was and how to resolve. I was told that for security purposes they could not tell me exactly what the reason It was cancelled.

I was told in the e-mail to check my inputs on Bill Me Later to see if they were correct. I placed the order a second time and the exact same thing happened. It was cancelled again....I found a phone number for customer service and after waiting 15 minuses I finally reached a person. She told me the problem was The Prepaid calling card purchase.

She indicated that their was a "High Alert" on calling cards due to fraud. She said my account was blocked and I needed to sign in my account as a guest. She instructed me to remove the Calling card from the order and then to sign in and place the order again, the third time. Well it did finally go through.

However, here's the deal. I spent three hours trying to order this Straight Talk Phone. If the prePaid Calling card cannot be ordered on line or paid for through Bill Me Later they should indicate that online...I was under the assumption it was something to do with or I entered something incorrectly. As a result, I know have pending charges on my Bill Me Later Account that I have to keep checking to make sure they don't go through....It's not easy trying to reach someone and when you do they cannot answer questions in a direct manner.

Very Frustrating!

In contrast, Bill me Later staff were excellent when I called. They stated that this has been an on-going problem with WalMart regarding the calling cards....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prepaid Card.

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So the third time, you used bill me later or didnt?