Walmart.com has changed my pick up date at the last minute several times and I am far beyond pissed. I chose the "pick up today" option and at the very last second changed the pick up date to later in the week.

Now I am a person that this is almost the only way I can get the items I need. If I had to rely on Walmart.com in a life or death situation, I would be dead, have had my funeral, and been buried quite some time before I got my items. When a person selects the "pick up today" option, they don't need to change it. This is called neglect my friends.

On top of the fact that these people put their selfish *** in front of a customer, while on the job mind you, I was lied to. "Oh call the store and see if they will move up the pick up date". Let me tell you something, THEY DONT HAVE THAT AUTHORITY!!!!!! This is YOUR job to fix YOUR screw up.

If this doesn't get fixed quick like, I will not only send beyond horrible reviews one after another, but also report you to BBB.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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