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I have received TERRIBLE service continuously by customer service representatives both when calling regarding online orders and at my local Walmart stores in Queensbury NY and Saratoga Springs NY. I actually stopped doing business with Walmart for years because of their terrible service and awful business practices.

About a year ago I decided to give them another chance and now realize that this is a company that truly does not care about the service they provide and has shown no improvement since I stopped shopping in their stores years ago. Over the past year I have had so many awful experiences with Walmart that I could not possibly have enough space to detail each account. I will say that in December of 2014 I actually left the Queensbury NY walmart in tears of frustration after numerous attempts at developing pictures. The equipment was constantly broken and the representatives were extremely rude and unhelpful.

After the third unsuccessful trip to my local Walmart to develop pictures that month I went to Walgreens (which was a very positive experience). I have not used the Walmart photo center since. My most recent negative experience with Walmart has occurred this month (June 2015). On June 1st I placed an online order and received confirmation the delivery will be June 17th.

I even received an email on June 2nd confirming my order has shipped and was provided an order tracking number. It was not until June 18th (a day after my order was supposed to be delivered) that I received an email from Walamrt that there is a delay with my order. Of course the email gave no details as to the issue or when to expect the delivery. I waited a few days trying to be patient and hoping the matter would be resolved shortly.

Finally on June 22nd, after not hearing from Walmart with any updates or additional information I called Walmart's customer service for online purchases. The representative originally states the order is ready to be picked up at my local Walmart then places me on hold and comes back on the line to advise there is a delay. I am thinking at this point "yeah I got that memo and that is why I am calling". So I again ask what is going on and most importantly when will I get my order that I spent $400 on for a gift on June 1st?

The representative was incredibly rude and basically tells me she can not provide any details regarding my order that I placed on June 1st and that my options are to wait until the order arrives at some indefinite time or request a refund and forget about the item. I am still in shock about this customer experience. I am almost speechless. Sometimes I am not sure how Walmart is in business.

I can honestly say I have never heard anyone talk about a positive experience they have had with Walmart. I am now reflecting on my decision to start doing business with Walmart again. Again, this most recent experience is just one of many negative experiences I have had with Walmart. I did not request a refund today for the purchase on June 1st as this was a $400 gift to a loved one.

I will wait a bit longer and hope that Walmart delivers. I did look into this so called "tracking number" and realize my order never actually shipped. The order status online has not been updated since June 2nd when i got the email notifying my order shipped. The status still indicates "in process".

How can Walmart email confirmation of shippment when this is completely false? How can Walmart take my money promising i will have my item on June 17th and now on June 22nd they cannot even tell me why there is a delay or when i can expect the delivery? How can a company outright lie and not be accountable or even care about the customer? Buyers BEWARE, Walamrt is very deceitful.

After this I will NEVER do business with Walmart in NY or ever again. I have realized the hard way that this is a company that does not care about their word to their customers and especially do not care about the service they provide. I should not have to feel upset when leaving a store because of the way I was treated and I should not have to worry that a purchase online will never arrive and there is no one at Walmart that will care to help or resolve the matter. We DO NOT need to shop at Walmart for the price.

There are truly other stores with quality products and service for a great Target!! I know that Walmart is not the cheapest anyways. WALMART EXECUTIVES, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE COMPANY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MANAGING AND SHAPING. HAVE YOU EVER SHOPPED IN YOUR OWN STORES?

It truly is the worst store in regards to service and other things. I know I would be ashamed to be associated with such an organization.

I have worked for a fortune 500 company for over five years and we would never engage in such horrible customer service practices. That is the difference though that sets other companies apart from Walmart and I now understand why the customer ratings for Walmart are astonishingly low and the corporate complaints are in the hundreds and thousands.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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